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Grey Blackout Fabric  

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I just received a sample of Grey blackout material from a company in Canada called SolarFective (www.solarfective.com). The color of the material is just a shade darker than Universal Grey (by Glidden). Even though the sample that I got was very small, I was able to see the benefits of this shade of grey versus a white screen.

Just think, no painting!

The sales rep said that the material would be about 8 per yard, and the roll is 72" wide!

I am planning on ordering some of this sometime soon, and will report on it when my screen is finished.
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How uniform is it?
Is there a weave and does it have texture?

Ken Elliott
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Yeah, i would love to know if it would work with a gray screen.
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They told me 27 $ a yard for there screen fabric ... but when you put your order.. they add the following..

-Cost of materials $109.20
-Crating, documentation
& Freight $105.00
-Extra shipping cost for delivery to a residence
-7% GST $20.24
-Provincial Tax 7.5% $23.20
-TOTAL $323.64

180.00 Can for crating and shipping ... http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/frown.gif((

That would be for an order of 4 yards of there screen fabric.

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I have tried evey kind of grey under the sun, and I VERY, VERY, VERY much suspect that it will not work. Kelliot knows exactly why.. I told him once in an e-mail. So, I will give it a shot.. and see why it is so expensive to get. Perhaps I can get the pricing down. As a manufacturer, (soon) of competing product, it is in my best interest to pursue ALL other avenues, so as not to get blindsided. Holding such information from you does me no good, it merely lenghtens my lead time for correction. the best bet is to never get near a situation that allows me to be blindsided. So, I have no problem at all telling you whether it works or not. Comptetition is competition. It plays no favorites.

I will have it sent to a business with a tax number. I suspect that they DO NOT wish to deal with the public. They are a industry supplier, and are probably duty bound not to deal with the public so as to protect their business relationships.


Ken Hotte

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Can you please explain why it won't work. Not that I don't believe you, however I don't want to go down this path if it is a definate NO NO.

You mentioned that you where going to check out the above source, can I take this to mean that you where going to get a sample and do a comparison with your paints?

With regard to your paints that you have been developing, is there any way to get a sample of this?

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It's just that almost all (OK, ALL) grey fabrics I have ever come across have severe colorshift problems. The greys involved are fine to look at.. but as soon as you project an image on them they have severe shifting problems. A real grey is an art to produce. Science, and art as one. Then it happens. Not as simple as it seems. I am not saying that this fabric will do this, it is just that I suspect that it is very much an off the shelf product (again suspected and not proven) and will not perform under this sort of application. All you have to do is place the material up against a true white, and the colorshift will 'pop' out at you quite clearly. You might get a perfect grey when the whites are in abundance, but everything else might be skewed. Be careful.


Ken Hotte
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