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two center channels instead of microperf  

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Having decided not to opt for a microperf screen, would placing two center channels, one below and one above the screen, have the same desired effect as having the dialogues coming from the center of the screen?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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Did it. Love it. And I would do it again. There are conflicting opinions on this, but I never have a movie that the center channel seems lacking anymore. Maybe after a few years off tweaking I will notice the problems that my arise from having 2 speakers in series but I can't hear them now. Hey I love it. Take a look at my page and go to HT picture. Look at the one that is the screen wall.

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When you say there are diverging opinions on this matter, what do you mean exactly? What would the drawbacks be of having two center channels instead of one? Is there any loss of power? Is synchronization an issue?

By the way, has there been a thread on this topic somewhere on this forum?

Just browsed through the pics on your site. Your HT room looks quite impressive. What are the dimensions of your room?

Hope you find some time to post a reply.


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The interaction of the two speakers can and will cause holes in the frequency response. To each their own, but I would prefer one speaker VS two. But try it for yourself.
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"When you say there are diverging opinions on this matter, what do you mean exactly?"

The perfections would say that you will have combing (alternate peaks and dips in freq response) due to different path lengths between the upper and lower speakers. I don't think this is such a big deal; by the same reasoning your L/R speakers would sound ragged if you weren't exactly between them. In any case, you can correct for this, at least at one listening position, by locating the lower speaker farther back relative to the upper one.

I also plan to use upper/lower centers when I upgrade to a bigger screen.

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2 center spkrs are better than microperf.The audio purists refuse to put their grille cloths on during play due to coloration/attenuation effects let alone firing thru microperf screens.If you can accurately measure you only lose 1DB at 20KHZ well go right ahead.Remember the 10% gain loss of screen as well.

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How about two center channels mounted right and left of a screen? Currently, I have a center channel mounted above my screen but no room for a second center channel below. The screen stops where the fireplace surround begins. I do have about 5 to 6 feet of wall to either side of the screen. would this be enough seperation between two center channels to either side of the screen and the left and right fronts?

TIA - monsoon

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I have used two center channel speakers, left and right, for several years and have been happy with the results. I found having the speakers at listening level to sound better than having the speakers above and/or below listening level.

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"I found having the speakers at listening level to sound better than having the speakers above and/or below listening level."

So you did try center above and below together? If so, what heights were they at and in what way was the sound not as good? This could help me decide which way I do it.


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I guess I'm in the minority opinion here but I no longer reccomend any solution other than three identical speakers for the front. Specificly most of the horizontal format center speakers are an offense to my ears. Try this:

Sit right square in the center sweet spot and play a familiar soundtrack. Close your eyes and move your head slowly right and left and listen for the dips in the frequency response that Noah described above. The dialogue gets a bit muddy and less distinct because of the resulting harmonic distortion near the crossover frequency of the various drivers. You may not notice this in the center of the sweet spot but those sitting closest to you may. It is a serious issue because much of the sound and almost all dialogue comes through the center front speaker.

My solution may not be usable by everyone: I put three identical MTMs under the screen, all three are tipped upwards so the sound coincides with the ear level of the viewers, and the RF and LF are toed in slightly to widen the sweet spot for all three seats. The result is clear intelligible dialogue in all three seats in my "home theater" (which is also the living room).

I admit, this solution can't be used in a real theater room with more than one row of seating, but it works for me. By the way, all three MTMs are vertical - the frequency response issue results from drivers in a horizontal arrangement. I've listened to dozens of front speakers and none blend into the soundstage as seamlessly as three identical front speakers, or sound as good to my ears.


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