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"I can't see the whole screen - there are black bars"

"Can't you expand the picture?"

"I can't watch this it is too annoying"

You can make some very inexpensive masking panels to cover the top and bottom portions of your 4:3 screen when you view widescreen movies like X-Men. Trust me, when you use black masking panels, you'll never hear those comments listed above.

FYI- The new Die Hard Five Star 2-disc DVD that comes out next Tuesday 07/10/01, has a special feature on the second disc called Why Letterbox?. This feature contains a visual demonstration where they actually pan and scan a scene from the film to show why the practice should never be considered an acceptable form of transferring films to video. I would highly suggest showing this feature to anyone that complains about "black bars". If this doesn't change their mind, nothing will.

The Academy Home Theater
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I did the same thing with a few friends and family members. I used the Ice planet sequence from Empire strikes back. I had the same scenes cued on a VHS tape (4:3-p/s) and the DC LD. One of the best examples is when Luke is looking through his "binoculars" the 4:3 has the sides of bothe lenses cut off and the widescreen shows all. Also when Han is in the hanger there is a good example of p/s. Han and Leia talking then a pan to Chewie. Letterbox all three can be seen and no camera movement. Even my mom got it after that, and she was a die hard 4:3 advocate.
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