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Aspect ratio formula?  

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Is there a formula at determine aspect ratios? I want to make a screen that is 1.78:1. I still need to determine how wide or tall I need to make it. I was just wondering if there was a formula so I could plug my numbers in.

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This is a trick question...right? Just multiply the desired height of your intended screen by 1.78 to get the width.

Example: 4 feet high would result in 7.12 feet wide so the measurements would be 4 x 7.12 feet.

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Try this calculator: www.sonydisplaysystems.com/display/downloads.html

It's for Sony projectors, but it allows you to plug in aspect ratios and get all the screen measurements.

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Then, to get the diagonal, take the square root of the width squared plus the height squared.

sqrt(4^2 + 7.12^2) = 8.17 feet (98 inches)

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