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A while back I got an Electrohome Retro rear projection system that I was going to use as my main TV so my wife could read with the lights on as I watched TV. The only problem was the screen of the unit was stained(tobacco?) and SIGNIFICANTLY degraded the picture. I posted for suggestions on cleaning and got little response. Well, yesterday I finished putting new tubes in the ECP and thought I couldn't live with the dirty screen anymore. The way to clean a rear projection screen, in case anyone faces a similar dilema, is to take it off, pull it outside, put it on a soft clean sheet, and hose it down. When its good and wet, liberally apply dish soap, and scrub with a very soft brush(a high quality car brush worked for me). Rinse thoroughly and repeat on both sides. Let air dry(I used a fan to speed) gently sponging any droplets off to prevent spotting. This rejuvenated my screen and the Retro looks so good I can't believe its the same screen! There must have been an awful lot of grunge built up over the years. My wife complained at the fuzzy picture of the new tubes, but after the screen clean, we could see the makeup on the faces of actors in the interview part of the DVD "The Wedding Planner".

Thanks, Paul.