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Draper M2500 and Hotspotting  

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I am strongly considering a Draper screen with M2500 fabric for my Dwin HD700. Screen size is 100" x 54" (114" Diagonal, in 1:1.85 format). I am replacing a 1.0 gain Da-Lite screen that I feel doesn't provide enough gain.

Yes, I know the projector is underpowered for the screen size, but that decision was made long ago, and cannot be changed.

My questions, now, are:

1.) How noticeable will the hotspotting be on the screen. The room is 14'W x 23' L, with two seating rows at 14' and 21'?

2.) Will there be a very noticeable dropoff in gain as you move laterally in the room? It is a long, narrow room, and the seats are no closer than 2' from the walls.



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You should not have a problem with hot spotting on the M2500 screen material. The complaints I've received on this material are associated with higher output projectors. The M2500 was created for lower output projectors, or situations where ambient light is a problem.

As for drop-off, the half gain angle on the M2500 is 40 degrees. Given the placement of your seating, I doubt that drop-off will be a concern for you.

Bob Hadsell
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