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Anyone bought just the screen material?  

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Has anyone just bought the screen material from da-lite or someone else and built their own frame?

If so, how did you do it and how were the results?

Also considering just using a painted homemade screen.

This will be an SVGA LCD projector with 1000 ansi lumens
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I know Stewart Filmscreen can and do sell just the screen material when wanted. Ask Alan Gouger or Jason Turk from AVS store for a price.
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a couple screens ago I bought just the screen material from Stewart for a fixed screen.
I built a wood frame. Stewart will send you a snap pattern to help you place the snaps on the frame to mate with the screen snaps. Stewart's customer service is top shelf.
Good Luck, Kevin
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This may seem like a stupid question, but does Stewart supply the snaps as well? And how do the snaps attach to the frame?

Thanks for all the help.
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I bought a 92x69" piece of Draper M2500 material from polivision@aol.com Price was $195 as far as remember. I made a wooden frame from 2x2", and applied some double sided tape at the back. Then I stretched the material over the frame and stapeled the material at the back. Still flat and nice after about a year. I had to use a support at the middle of the long side of the frame to prevent sag.

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I think the raw screen fabric from Stewart will come with snaps (or possibly grommets, I think you can choose), it even comes with the borders painted black. Stewart custom makes all their fabrics, so they can probably accomodate most requests. Unless I miss my guess, Da-Lite will also sell you just the screen fabric.

The cost of raw screen fabric is really not that much, you're already saving quite a bit by making your own frame. Unless you're just looking for a matt white screen you would probably be better off buying screen fabric. Seeing as you have an LCD projector, I would recommend getting a grey screen of some kind rather than painting your own (Stewart Greyhawk or Da-Lite HC DaMat).


Kam Fung
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yes, the screen comes with snaps. The screen itself will have snaps on them. Stewart will send you snaps alonf with small screws to scew the snaps to your screen.
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A fair number of people say velcro is much better than snaps(or grommets).
Regards Ron

"Your priorities will be different-its the weighting that counts!"
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Originally posted by REW:
A fair number of people say velcro is much better than snaps(or grommets).
Regards Ron


Would Stewart apply the velcro to the screen? If not, then only way that I know of is to use the adhesive backing found on most velcro strips. Is the adhesive strong enough to maintain in adhesion to the screen over time?

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When I was looking around for what I wanted to do for a screen this was almost the route I went here: http://www.grant-ent.com/dalite/wscreens19.htm Below is a description taken from that link on how the materials come and are "finished", note velcro or snaps are an option. I ended up going with JoAnn Fabrics black out material, and love the results.

"Create a custom permanent installation with user-provided frame and Da-Lite's Cut to Size screen surface. Snap Button Style also available for mounting on provided studs. Various sizes and fabric options available.

Borders available for 2 sides at $.30 , or 4 sides at $.50 per sq. ft.
Snap Button and Velcro surface prices available upon request."
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Oooops, my wife pointed out to me, we used the hancock black out fabric and not the joann's. We got sections of both, and JoAnn's had a blue-ish tint to it, where the hancock section we got was more white with maybe a VERY litte amount of grey tint to it. Anyway, the black out fabric was about $12~ or so, not $120-200 that we would have paid using dalite material. How much better is the dalite, I don't know, some day I would love to compare my home built to a pre-manufactured screen, but till then we are happy.
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I don't think Stewart uses velcro to attach their screens, Da-Lite or Draper does. I don't know why you would want velcro, snaps will have a much stronger bond to the screen. Velcro is just glued on with adhesive, while snaps go right through the screen. Although, velcro might be easier to attach because it is more forgiving of placement.


Kam Fung
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Thanks for your followup. Let's say I used 1x3 to construct a 96x54 frame. (3) 1x3 for vertical(left, center and right). (1)1x3 running horizontally across the bottom and top of the frame.

(1) Should I get snaps or gromments(which include lacings from Stewart)?

(2) What are the advantages/disadvantages of the either option. Stewart did not really want to provide much info on either option.

Thanks.. Albert
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Hmmmm, I don't have much experience with lace and grommet systems. I don't think the Stewart people don't want to give you information, so much as they don't deal with it very often and don't have the information. I don't believe either system is inherently superior or inferior. Although, the lace and grommet system will require a larger frame than the snaps, if outer dimensions of the screen are an issue.

The other issue you may face is how to mount the snaps/hooks onto your frame, that may be what determines which system you go with. The hooks for a lace and grommet system would seem to be easier because you could probably screw them right into the wood of the frame. I don't know how you would attach snap to a wood frame.


Kam Fung
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