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Screen ratio question  

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Hi everybody, I watch only DVD's. I currently have a Dalite 1.78 screen and when I watch 1.85 DVD's the screen is properly filled with my 10HT. I'm ordering a Grayhawk and I'm not sure whether to order a 1.78 or 1.85 ratio screen. They offer both ratio's. Does anyone have a suggestion or opinion ? I was going to go with a 1.85.
Thanks, Moony.....
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My recommendation is go 16.9 format sense most of dvd's coming out today is 16.9 and so HDTV. And you could use a screen mask when displaying different format.If you want more details go to Da-lite/screenformats.
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I agree with Angeli, although most new movies are either 2.35 or 1.85, going with a 16x9 would future-proof you for HDTV when you get it. (If you don't have it already)

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