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Perforated pull down????  

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Does anyone know where and if such a beast exists? I am looking for a temporary cheap screen. I will use it for a year or so until my new house is built and then I will get a really nice screen. I am looking for an 80x60 pull down. I found that Da-Lite has the Audio Vision available only on their electric or perm-wall. The electric is a mere $1500, while the perm wall is $525. I was pretty bummed since the Da-Lite hi power in a pull down is only $200 and change.

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Perforated screens stretch when pulled. That's why you don't see pull down models. I am not aware of anyone who makes one. Also those types of screens cost a lot more. I doubt you will find a low cost way to obtain a perforated screen.

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Thanks for the reply. So far I have found that my only possible solution would be to use something called perm-wall, or something like that. It is supposed to be removable but costs $525. Ouch. I might try to rig something up where I can move my center channel forward.

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If you want to build your own screen that is perforated you can try here: http://www.grant-ent.com/dalite/wscreens19.htm Its $8 per sq. ft. for the matte white audio vision, $270 would be the price of the material in a size of 60"x80", and making your own frame will cost under $30, which brings ya to $300. Better then the $525 I guess.
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