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hi, i'm about to purchase this projector and was wondering what would be a good screen to match with it?i believe it's only 300 lumens, but i will be using it in a totally dark room.and sitting about 12-16 feet opinions on size apprecited as well.sorry for so many questions, but does microperf make a big difference? there is no way to change position of my center channel..i have a 35" tv on a stand with center on top, and want to place screen in front for use when it's really time to rock!!will i lose much of my front stage if screeen covers speakers in front?i have polk rt3000p's, and cs4ooi if that helps, and have heard of turning up treble to compensate?sorry for rambling but just trying to do it right.


i know projector isn't greatest,but outlet by me sells for$600 and DVDO website says it can be line doubled.