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discount stewart screens  

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which companies discount stewart screens online?
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To my knowledge...none do or at least none are supposed to.
Stewart screens are sold only bt authorized reps/retailers who agree in writing NOT to discount (heavily) their product.

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I got mine through a company that does not sponsor here, so PM me if you want the info. But I was at CES and was quoted prices by the Stewart reps and then got prices from this un-named company that were lower than the Stewart prices. If you have not contacted one of the Stewart reps yet, now is the time.

Scott Vonhof
Scott's Site: DIY Speakers and Theater
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We here at AVS typically have the best pricing for Stewart screens. Feel free to send me an email for a custom quote.


PS-We also sell Draper, Dalite, and Vutec screens.

Jason Turk
AV Science, Inc.
716-454-1460 ext.204
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