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GrayHawk gain question  

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My GrayHawk screen should be in the truck on its way to VA...I'm getting excited to get it. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

One question, I thought the GrayHawk gain was .85, but the Stewart web site lists the gain as .95. Is that right?


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The gain for the regular screen is .85. They increased the gain to .95 for the perforated sceen because you lose some gain due to the holes. If you have a micro-perf then the gain is going to be higher. If you do not it will be .85
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Can you please email me you findings when you get your screen set up? I live in Sterling also and I am debating on which screen to get. Let me know what you think.

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OK, if I am planning to use a Grayhawk, and a perforated screen, do I need to deduct any brightness for the perforations, or does .95 consider that already??

<scratching head> ??

-- Cain
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Usual perf loss is said to be 10%.Thus perceived brightness is same(.85 approx for both.)

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The rated gain of the non-perfed screen is indeed .85 for the Grayhawk. However, in testing they have found that it is actually closer to .90+. Stewart quotes conservative gains so that if it happens to be more you will get a bonus. Some other companies quote higher than true gains for their screens to hype them up more. Another reason Stewart is the best!


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