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I have been reading the AVS forums for a short time. Wow, what a resource for a home theater nut. It looks like this is a place where non-techies can really get some expert advice and I am looking forward to that advice with my question.

I purchased a Da-lite 84" (4:3) Model B as a temporary screen some time ago but have recently moved and think it may be time to make a change. I am using an Electohome 4100 CRT projector (7" Sony Tubes with relatively low hours)approximately 8 1/2 feet from the screen. I could move the projector back another 12" if needed. I use this setup for both TV (Sports and movies) and Home Theater (DVD)

While I am "satisfied" with my image, viewing positions are 12-15 from the screen (this is in the "great room/family room) and I think viewers would benefit from a larger screen.
I also don't have complete control of ambient light in this room but can control it fairly well during the daytime and feel I might benefit from a higher gain than the 1.0 I currently have.

The screen will be wall mounted and needs to be retractable, either motorized or manual.

Suggestions for size, gain, brand, etc will be greatly appreciated.