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DIY with some glue and screen fabric.  

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Hey, has anyone every tried to use rubber cement (or something like it) to glue screen fabric straight onto the wall? I have a painted screen now with a black wood trim border and was thinking about getting just the fabric from Da-Lite and using some kind of glue to attach it. Is it a crazy idea?


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I can't imagine you could get great results that way. It would be very difficult to get the screen completely flat and straight without bubbles forming behind it and such, and without marring the surface by using a squeegie on it.

Really, just build a frame and stretch the fabric onto it. Then you can move the screen if you want, without damaging the wall behind, and you'll get a better picture.

I just finished building my screen and frame using fir 1 x 4's and blackout cloth, and it turned out to be outstanding. I think I have as good a screen as any you could buy, assuming you want the same kind of gain I'm getting (about 1.3). Grand total cost was about $75, and four hours of my time.

I've described the construction in another thread.
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Where was that other thread?
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Well, the full discussion spread across a couple of threads, but a pretty good description is here: http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/Forum9/HTML/001230.html
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If you want to take that approch. screw and glue ferring strips to the wall along the outside edge, these are thin strips of wood to staple to. Next staple the fabric to this. THe ferring strips have to be perfically falt which meens your wall must be flat. This will allow the screen to flot in the middle and not have contact with the wall so no wall deviation will show up then put black molding around the whole thing. I still think building a hanging frame is better.
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Thanks for the suggestions! I'll try it out..

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