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Speaker Placement - MicroPerf Screen  

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I am considering (actually, I am getting rather strong spousal input on this point) locating all three speakers - LCR - behind a microperfed Stewart screen(100" diagonal - 16:9). Has anyone tried this? Besides the distance between the left front and right front concern, are there any other drawbacks? Thoughts/comments would be appreciated, especially Don Stewart's. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif
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I have a 60x107 Stewart Microperf (not the THX one) with all speakers behind the screen and ot worksd great!

You have to be sitting about 14 feet back from the screen for the perfs to dissappear.

There will be a 10% light dropoff so instead of ordering a 1.3 gain it might be better to use a 1.5 gain.

Depending on your choice you might want to use an equalizer to boost some of the treble tones as some are lost going through the screen. Personally, I don't do this because to me digital soundtracks are bright to begin with and the screen tones them down just enough.

As far as speaker placement; all three should be on the same plane with the Center at the exact center of the screen. The L & R's can be placed at the outer edges of their placement.


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One more comment on placement - the tweeters should all be at the same height. Can someone comment on what this height should be? This usually means building a stand behind the screen with lower shelves for the LR channels.

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Tweeters should be at the same hight as your listening hight. so basicaly the hight that your head is sitting in your "sweet spot".
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If it is not THX certified, it's not micro-perf. You may be talking about cinema-perf, especially if you need to be 14' from the screen for the perfs to disappear. Also, micro-perf screens come with an equalizer to cancel the treble roll-off from the micro-perfs. You are quite right about soundtracks sounding bright, they are usually mixed for cinema-perf screens and they have more treble to compensate for the loss in the high-frequencies (hence Re-EQ with THX processors), of course with a cine-perf screen you have it just right!


Kam Fung
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