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DIY Fold Up Screen  

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Has anyone actually built a DIY fold up screen?
I need something I can put away after use and would like to be able to fold a screen in half or thirds to store away.
But I suspect protruding hinges and creases in the screen would be a problem.

Does anyone have experience with the Dalite Fast Fold screens and how they work?
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I built a DIY screen using the common blackout-cloth-over-wood-frame technique, then built a frame around it with two handles. Normally it sits on a windowsill but it can be stashed in the garage. It does not fold. Total about $65.

You can get a tripod-mount portable pull-down for $250 and up from Da-Lite.

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Blackout stapled on round wooden rod and roll it up when you want to store it. Wrinkles should be minimized if you stretch it with bungie cords from bottom (hooked to weights like dumbells). You can always iron on low heat setting on cloth side with clean sheet on top for perfection. Just becareful not to burn the white dye (turns it yellow--I've done it). Folding has too many wrinkles and seams. Plus it does not store as well as rolling. Good luck.

Huey ;-]
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I am considering the Dalite Versatol in matte white that I've seen going for $150. Going to to order some samples from Dalite to compare. That must be some windowsill you have!

I am currently using the $10 White Tile board form Home Depot that Huey suggested (Thanks!) and it works surprisingly very well. I really can't believe how good the picture is I'm getting http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

Huey I have some blackout fabric from JoAnn's. Last night I compared it against the Tile board and wasn't as good http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/eek.gif Less gain I think. Should I try painting the blackout fabric? What color do you recommend and how should I apply it. Anyone know how the gain compares between the tileboard and JoAnn's blackout (plain and painted)?
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Tile board is high gain (probably 2 or 3) as it's glossy bright white (too high if you mount projector wrong as it will glare and hot spot) so I doubt you can find a paint that will match this high gain. People have suggested satin for low gloss version. Glossy paint may have higher gain but never be as high as tile board. Some have painted tile board with flat or satin Behr ultra white which eliminates hot spotting or glare but then the gain goes down slightly to 1.1. Tile board reflects light toward projector so if you sit below it you're OK. It also reflect some light like a mirror so if you sit to far below (ceiling mount projector) you'd get hotspotting too although not as bad. So you have a narrowed, optimal viewing angle. Others have gone with light gray paint like Behr Snowfield from Home Depot for more contrast but less brightness (gain of 0.8-0.9). Depend on lumens and contrast ration of your projector you may need differing paint. If you're happy with tile board, I'd just stick with that as it's cheap, durable, and low maintenance (very easy to keep clean). Masking will help bring out more contrast.

Huey ;-]
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The Tile board is great except for it blocks the sound from my speakers as I have limited space. Since I have the blockout fabric from JoAnn's I was thinking of building a DIY screen and painting it for higher gain.

Since this has nothing to do with a fold up screen which is an idea I am abandoning I will post a new topic.
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