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Where can I buy material wider than 54" for a DIY screen??  

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I already made a DIY screen from blackout material, and it looks great, but I really want to build a slightly larger 16:9 screen. My first screen measures 96" x 54", made from 54" wide blackout material, which I had to stretch very tight to attach it to the frame. I would like to build a screen that is at least 100" wide, which would require the material to be at least 56" wide, or better yet, 60" wide. Does anyone know where to buy such material, either online or elsewhere in the USA?

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Bob, try Rosebrand, they sell screen material.
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I'm surprised you guys in the US have trouble finding wide 3 pass blockout material.

In Aus we have a choice of 120cm(47") wide or 240cm(94.5") wide. And the main fabric chains here like Lincraft have it in stock.

Keep searching it must be available there somewhere. Good luck.
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Another thought, if you start to get desperate you can try places that make blinds. They may use similiar material.

Or you can try the distributer/wholesale company and see if they distribute wider blockout material and if so will be able to tell you who sells it.
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Can I get the blackout material from home depot or lowes?
Is it just called blackout fabric or there are other names?Anyone got the model number for them?



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Walmart fabric department has bright white, thick, duck cloth that's 60" wide and avail. as $4 per yard. it's not as nice as blackout and wrinkles more (ironing is difficult due to dye easily turns yellow or black with too much heat). It allows some light through but so can your remote (ideal if you have your AV rack behind the screen). For this cheap price you may try. I had 108"X60" screen that I roll up and down for a while. Image is not as bright as blackout (gain of 1 instead of 1.3 like blackout) but pretty decent. One caveat is wrinkles. It's hard to straighten it out. I went through 2 sets of material due to ironing damage :-). Dry cleaner or steam iron may do the job better and safer than traditional ironing.

Huey ;-]
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I just built my third screen using 60" wide cloth from JoAnn fabrics, its sort of like canvas and is bright white and $7 a yard. I streched mine on with my bare hands and got every single wrinkle out of it, then I painted 3 coats of Behr Ultra White over it. Results are a smooth finish just like blackout cloth, provided you use a foam roller to apply the paint.

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Also I just got my Da-Lite samples and I will take some pics to compare my third DIY screen to these materials if anyone is intersted.
Just for reference my first screen was Blackout cloth, second screen was hardboard with Behr Ultrawhite eggshell and my third screen is the canvas like stuff with Behr Ultrawhite satin.. the third screen is the best of the bunch. First screen is 59" wide 4:3, second screen is 72" wide 16:9 and third screen is 72" wide 4:3.

James' DIY Speakers
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Thanks, everybody! I just talked with Rockland Industries on the phone to try and locate a retailer that sells their 110" wide blackout lining material for drapes, but they couldn't come up with a name for me. They did offer to sell me a 50 yd. roll of their 3 pass blackout lining material, 110" wide, for $4.44 per yard, or $222.00 for the entire roll, plus shipping. I really don't think I need that much material http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

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Some lowe's apparently carry patio panels for 50$

That seems like a good price per yard for that wide of a roll might be a potential for a group buy? Wonder what shipping would be. I've been needing to build a screen also and been looking for a bargain as if blackout wasn't enough of one;-)

also available at jcpenney.com search roc-lon patio panel and I think http://www.comforthouse.com/comfort/blacdrapline.html

carries them too both are about 60$ plus shipping

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I found this link in another thread, see if this is what you are looking for...

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