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Board vs. fabric?  

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Is there a difference in image quality between using a melamine board painted gray versus blackout fabric painted gray stretched over a 2x2 frame? For me the board would be easier but everyone in this forum seems to be going the DIY fabric screen way.
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I think either would be fine. The main reason to go with the cloth is the size. Except for drywall, finding solid surfaces larger than 4' by 8' is hard to do. I need 65" high for my projector in 3x4 format.
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If the board you are using has a smooth surface it should be just as good, if not better, than fabric. Fabric has the virtue of being easy to roll up, if that's not a problem then rigid is definitely a good option. I think most screen companies use fabric because it's cheaper (usually) and much cheaper to handle and ship.


Kam Fung
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I've been meaning to ask this question.

Why bother with a board or fabric? Why not just paint the wall?

Currently, I am projecting on a white wall with decent results. I figure if I paint the wall with the current DIY paint knowledge gleaned from this forum, I would get the same effort without having to buy anything but the paint.

I suppose if you are really anal about wanting a border (may also help with light bleed). You could nail up some 1x2s painted black.

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A wall could be OK, you only have to make sure it is smooth, which may or may not be a problem.


Kam Fung
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