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Anybody tried HomeDepot Drop Cloth for screen?  

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It's 12'X15' with rubber backing and heavy duty. Is it a good screen material? Are there seams? What gain do you think it has? I thought this may make a good outdoor giant screen for my NEC LT150 at night http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

P.S. Model#=440-12X15, SKU#=469753, and UPC#=008411440125. It's available at my local HD (zip 45152).
Huey ;-]

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Shoot, was just at home depot last night and forgot to look for this. I've started construction on my frame so if that cloth is cheap enough I might just try it out.
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I bought one from HD that had the address of Green Bay WI, and some place in North Carolina - This was definitely seamed! It was an odd size though. I manage to get a 56" By 108" piece out of it.

I think it was KBK, but someone from Canada it think, said that there was a drop cloth at HD that was from Toronto or Montreal that was a single panel. That one unfortunately was not available at my local HD.

I also tried the canvas drop cloth at HD, this was also seamed.

I am currently using the 56 x 108 screen until the Rockland power buy comes through.
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I was at HD yesterday and looked at all of their drop cloths. The ones mentioned above were definately all seamed like said. I also didn't like the fabric. It didn't look uniform throughout. I did walk out with a $6 pure white, fiber-type drop cloth to try it out. Although it is quite thin and more paper like than canvas it worked alittle better than my white sheet. The wrinkles stretched out fine and a little brief ironing should work. I probably will just stick to my sheet though since it is already up and looks fine.

I hope this rockland buy through hurries up. :)
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I purchased the same dropcloth that you mention. You are correct it is more paperlike than a true canvas would be.

I did spend the time stretching it over my frame and painted it with Universal Gray.

I am extremely happy with the way it turned out. Color and grain is uniform throughout.

Works much better than my low-thread count sheet that I was using previously!
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Could someone please post additional info on this white fiber-type drop cloth?
- Size
- Department at Home Depot
- (if possible) SKU# or scan code #

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The paper like drop cloth mentioned is:

Kimberly Clark
8'x12' Gotcha COVERED® Dropcloth
Model: #77002
SKU: #156051



Sounds pretty good. I was just about to do what you did but the rockland buy just went through so I guess I'll wait my two weeks for that. Glad to see I wasn't the only one that thought this cheap drop cloth might work for a screen. :D
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Thanks, LynxFX!
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Here's my 54 x 96" version that was made with the rubber drop cloth.


I haven't noticed any problems and the screen has been together for almost two years.
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Yes this works unusually well.I am using 2 drops to get 7ft x 13ft at low cost.Est gain at around 1.0 I would like to try paint(GOO?) and get gain up to 2.5 to 3 range.Bet that would make me happy.Except for my other ongoing curved silver guys.:cool:
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