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I said (in a different context):

"I still favour my "Pulled it out their A$$ Experimental Method."

"you don't get something for nothing"

"There are few to no true facts in the world"

"I could write you a completely plausible explaination for all their claims which would be a complete fabrication "

Kinda ridiculous when you see them all together like that, huh?
Label me a pessimist or what have you, but I would argue for all those points. The nature of truth is such that I believe you rarely find it in a pure form in the real world. All you have to be is aware of this. You cannot truly get facts from someone else, the only sure way to do so is to do everything yourself and determine your own facts (even then, one is liable to draw incorrect conclusions). Our discourse here really saves us time by not requiring us to learn everything by ourselves, the price we pay is that absolute accuracy, truth, and facts are not really available. You can only get what the majority of us consider to be the facts, or in the best case, what the most experienced of us consider to be the facts. There are no perfect truths here, save those you find for yourself.

So I will go back to my point for those "slow on the uptake" to use your words from an earlier post, if you truly want facts you need to go find them yourself. To ask us to give them to you is impossible, we can only give you what we believe to be the facts, correct or not.

We all want the magic large screen that lets us watch movies with lights on and windows open, but you have to try to reign in your emotions a little and be more objective if you are pushing something like this on the forum members here. The burden of proof is definitely with the people claiming to have the magic.
The burden of proof may be on the people making the claims, but the responsibility rests on the reader. The poster is not here to be your babysitter, one needs to exercise their own critical judgement as you have here. It is not the posters responsibility to respond to your concerns, however much you may imply this with your posts. The responsibility rests with the reader, whether their concerns are answered by the poster or not.

Let me quote your earlier posts:

"Please list these other screens you have seen that also claim a specific "contrast ratio". Were they all from one company? Maybe it's the same people that are trying to sell them too?

If you can't remember, I will understand."

"But I thought we were going to "get real". Or at least factual. Now we will never know for sure if you were just BS'n or not.
I have been to Newa Yorka Cidia too"

"No, better still, just ask the salesperson how good it is. Then buy based on that.

I know. Numbers are hard"

"Good to see you again. Why won't you post the list of screens with a specific "contrast ratio" you claimed to have earlier? That would be constructive. Again, if you just "can't remember" we will all know what you mean."

"Not bad Angeli662. And it only took 27 hrs to come up with."

"It's also "theoretically fully possible" to get 500:1 contrast on a piece of unpainted 2X4. I have that for sale too. You have to seam them together for a large screen of course."

For someone saying we should "reign in [our] emotions a little and be more objective" your posts sound awfully antagonistic and not at all objective, you never truly consider that these claims may be true. Being skeptical does not make you objective.

If they "Pulled it out their A$$", it's wrong. And you should stop promoting it until proven otherwise.
I hope you don't mean to imply that I am promoting this product. If you are, you should probably read my posts more closely. I object to your methods, not your concerns.


Kam Fung
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"There are few to no true facts in the world"

You continue to prove your point. Touche!:)

Hey. How about this one too- "There is no spoon".

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Well this is totally out of control now ans WIL NOT contiune on this site. Come on all, you know better.

Well mayvbe not "jamoka" so lets please consider this as a polite warning to make no peronal attacks and to keep things on topic. The Bettle Bug and other like posts made no real conversation about the topic.

Thank you.
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