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I may have to replace a nec crt projector. My throw distance is only 9-9.5 ft.My screen width is approx. 76". I don't want to spend alot.I don't know whether to think about a replacement CRT, such as the seleco hd-500, or switch to a dlp projector such as the runco vx-101c with video controller. Any opinions on picture quality and which dlp's can handle a throw distance as mine?
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Look for a used NEC. They are relatively cheap. If Alan has any left, a XG135 8" crt was $6500. Used ones are about $3000. Be careful though, i bought one on e-bay and it had to go to the shop right away. Someone messed with the controls.
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Why don't you look into the Seleco DLP line of products. The screen size vs. throw distance you are looking for is perfectly what Seleco offers.
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