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It may be a bit early to have this discussion since the Sanyo PLV-60 has not yet been reviewed. However, I wonder how Sanyo plans to justify the price difference over the Sony 10HT. The differences that I am aware of are a motorized lens shift and much better contrast ratio on the Sanyo. However, is it really worth the extra $2000.? The Sony can be purchased for under $5000.,and we are now hearing that the Sanyo will have a street price of $6500-$7000.

Hopefully Sanyo will try to compete directly with the 10HT and eventually sell for closer to $5000.
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Actually at least two dealers have ~$6500 posted on projector central. My guess is that private quotes will be as much as $300-500 less.

Depending on the reception and availability, I'd expect to see a price drop fairly rapidly below $6000.

With regard to contrast, people seem to be willing to pay 20% more for better black levels.

Ken Elliott
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Cousins video gave me a price of 7194.00. They usually have low prices.

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There seems that the dealers themselves have been getting some incorrect invoice prices. The current dealer price is going to be about $500 less than I had been told a week ago. This would make Ken's estimate about right. You will be able to get the unit for a little over $6000 for a reputable dealer with a rock bottom price of $6000 if you don't care about after the sale service. But these prices are current. IF and when Sony comes out with an upgrade to the 10HT we could see the invoice prices to the dealers fall further.

Good luck. I would wait for Thumper's review before taking the plunge or as Bulldogger pointed out in another thread you should consider waiting a ??? amount of time for a future proof product to come out that might have a digital input.

On a side note Proxima is in the process of fitting their projection link system inside of their rebadged Sanyo projectors. So a digital upgrade is possible but the question is and will always be: "How will current buyers be retrofitted if the copy protection comes up"

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The Sanyo website seems to imply that along with a powered lens tilt, the PVL-60 will also offer power focus and zoom. At first glance these appear to be relatively minor features. However, coupled with a wider zoom range (1.3:1), this could offer some interesting options to folks looking to use 2.35:1 screens and simple constant height masking systems.
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Let's not let this string end!! Thumper, we need you. Has the PLV-60 fixed your concerns from the 10HT? I'm seconds away from ordering a 21N because I need contrast, but now I'm hoping I might be able to get it in 16:9 panels!
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To anyone who has viewed a Sanyo PLV-60: please help us all and post your impressions of this new Sanyo home theater projector.
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Sorry to jump on the bandwagon, but what's the verdict?

Is the PLV-60 a winner?

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