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Vidikron Epoch D600  

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Does anyone have any input on the vidikron D600 DLP projector? I am planning my theater currently and can buy one from a relative at a reasonable price, with low hours of usage. Is the unit HDTV ready? Would I be better off getting a new projector? Any thoughts would be good. Whatever projector I buy I would be using High end components (i.ei Stewart Screen, Lexicon Processor, Etc.) Any help would be great. Thanks.
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I also bought an Epoch on eBay -- probably from the same person -- and am quite happy with it. Even blown out to a 10-foot diagonal size the picture looks great, no pixels visible at 20 foot viewing distance and the brightness is quite good.

As the above poster noted, the input options are excellent; and, though I dismissed it at first, I find the motorized zoom/focus INCREDIBLY useful.

It does have some of the black level issues that all LCD FPTV's have; but I continue to be very happy with the overall picture quality. Anamorphic DVD's look great. I have yet to try a grey screen with it.

I would recommend getting an outboard line doubler or quadrupler to use with it, however. I use an iScan v.1.
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