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Price on a Sharp VX-H35U?  

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Guy has one for sale and I wanted some info on the projector, and how much a fairly used one goes for these days...
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I had this model projector previously and sold it on Ebay for about $1200. That was about 1 year ago, and I sold it with a Cygnus Imaging de-pixelization filter. The projector uses a 3 panel LCD design, with 112,000 pixels per panel. The Cygnus Imaging filter was a necessity, and the pixels could still be seen. Let me know if you want more details.
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So basically it's a really old projector, worth maybe $700 these days?
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I purchased mine in the fall of '96 and that model had been out a couple years. These sell every once in a while on Ebay. In fact, one just sold a few weeks ago for $810. Here's the auction number if you want to look at that item: 1226596923.

That's more than I'd pay considering what you can get for that price range with a higher native resolution and brighter image.
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ssj2, as far as the pixelation, how does a LCD projector with Cygnus Imaging de-pixelization filter compare with a DLP projector?

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This particular projector, even with the Cygnus Imaging depixalization filter would not hold up very well compared to a DLP projector, as the pixels will still be seen. However, the current lot of Cygnus imaging image processors combined with a VGA (640 X 480) projector can yeild very good results. I used a Dukane VGA projector with a Cygnus imaging processor and it looked great. However, you're talking about the cost of the projector, plus another $500 if your lucky enough to find a used Cygnus imaging processor that fits the lens of your projector, or about $800 for a new one. If I was going to add on the price of the Cygnus Imaging processor, I might just look for a good deal on an XGA resolution projector.

Having said that. If the screen you're going to use isn't to big, and you're not too close to the screen, you can use a VGA projector and see whether the pixels are noticeable. Some people are not that bothered by them, or are satisfied with very slightly defocusing the projector to take out the pixel structure -- it's at least worth trying before spending the extra money.
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