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Another shootout - NEC VT440 v Sharp M10S  

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When a guy on eBay accepted a lowball offer on his NEC VT440 I couldn't help myself and jumped on it. I figured it would make an interesting comparison with my current Sharp M10S DLP projector.

The Sharp is a clone of the Plus U3880 and hence a semi-clone of the NEC LT85. I reviewed it here a couple of weeks ago. Its other claim to fame is that you can get it new for $1750.

The VT440 has 300 hours on it, the Sharp is new.

The VT440 went first. It is considerably brighter than the Sharp. It was visibly sharper. Colours were good. Contrast was much better than my last LCD projector (Sanyo SU07). The internal scaler via S-Video and composite was considerably better than the Sharp. Good enought that I could watch cable via the S-Video input and use progressive component for DVD to get one button aspect ratio switching.

It is also remarkably quiet, even on the full power mode.

Screen door was visible from my position 16 feet from an 80 inch screen, but not really objectionable.

And I like the 2000 hour lamp life as I use my projectors a lot.

However, when I switched to the Sharp, I preferred it quite easily. The blacks are much better, there are no visible pixels and the colours are as good.

But it was the blacks that do it for me, followed by a kind filmy smoothness that the NEC doesn't quite have.

The Sharp appeals to my priorities, the VT440 may to others. I'm still waiting for an LCD projector with DLP blacks. Sanyo calling?


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Steve-are you watching the sharp through s-video,without an HTPC,if so can you elaborate on the picture.thanks


Fall 2001"The Merc"
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As I've told you, I've got a demo on the Sharp clone (Plus U3-880) and the NEC VT440 coming up tomorrow. I'll see if I'll get the same observations you got.

With what you're saying, I think I starting to lean towards the Sharp (except for the 1000 hrs. lamp life!!!). But just in case I also get to like the NEC, are you willing to sell your newly acquired VT440 to me...for same "lowball" price, of course.

- Sonny
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Going back to the Sharp PG-M10S...

I've been studying the manual pretty closely and I have a few questions regarding some of the control settings. Please clarify these for me:

1. When you calibrated with VE, did you turn the "Auto Gain" setting off?

2. There is a setting for "Filter" in the Advanced Menu. What do you use this for? The manual mentions it's for "setting sharpness during pixel conversion" but it does not really elaborate.

3. There are 4 aspect ratio settings...Real, Auto, Direct and 4:3->16:9. Which one do you use for the following:

a. Regular 4:3 material (Auto?)
b. Letterbox Widescreen (Direct? Auto?)
c. Anamorphic Widescreen (Direct? Auto? 4:3->16:9)
c. Small 4:3 = As tall as 16:9 (Native) (Real?)

As always, your inputs are highly appreciated.

- Sonny
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I use an iScan with the Sharp. The S-Video connection is not wonderful IMHO. I tried the VT440 with the progressive output of my JVC 723, the iScan and direct component, S-Video and composite inputs.


Some of the settings on the Sharp seem to work only with data material.

I had AutoGain off. I can't see any effect from the Sharpness control. I would like extra sharpness but it doesn't seen to do anything on any of the settings.

As for the aspect ratios, it depends on the screen being used. If you have a 16:9 screen you would use 4:3>16:9 for anamorphic material and Real for 4:3 as this keeps the pictures about the same height.

With a 4:3 screen you'd use Direct or Auto (can't tell a difference) and 4:3>16.9 as this keeps the pictures the same width.

As for selling the VT440 for the same lowball price, I intend making a bit of profit on this little sucker.


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The JVC is a good DVD player. However, there is a problem with progressive scan DVD players, Macrovision and certain NEC projectors.

Check this link for details, but there is a fix.


The VT440 and the LT84 I used to have both exhibit this problem.

As for my VT440, I'll whack it on eBay with expectations around the $2K mark.



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