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Help with LT150 Hush.  

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Got this projector a week ago and love the way it looks. Not real happy with how it sounds. I am in the process of comming up with a way to ceiling mount the unit.

Has anyone had any experiance with a hush box for this projector? Could you point me to some good construction threads for hush boxes?

Did I mention how good the pic looks!!! Hooked up to HDTV or a progressive DVD player it looks amazing! Trying to decide if and or when I want to get a GreyHawk and Scaler.


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I have similar concerns. I just got the lt150 myself and the noise is a big drawback, although the picture is phenomenal. Let me know if you come up with any ideas.
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Nec's web site referrs to a ceiling mount.

Contact Nec and post your results.

I am curious how this projector will do with a greyhawk.

Please keep us informed.

As for a scaler, I am using an HPTC and I think its great.
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You guys are spoiled! Compared to a RPTV this thing is loud - compared to other digital projectors it is quiet. My Marantz is much louder and the LT155, LP350, Proxima DX3, and Toshiba LCD are as loud or louder. Are you mounting it on the ceiling right over and close to your head? I have mine on the floor right in front of me and I don't notice the sound (of course 9 speakers fully engaged tends to mask other sounds!). My Marantz is ceiling mounted and just behind me. In the quiet scenes its sound is obtrusive.

If floor mounted you could build a box to cover it (line it with sound proof material and leave room or cut air vents in the sides for the fan to breathe. The top could be hinged for easy access.

For a ceiling mounted projector you could do the same thing and the hinged top could be hooked shut after you've turned it on and set it up!

I have now experimented with a zillion settings for this projector and have come to the conclusion that the factory settings are nearly perfect. I have now left all the settings on my HTPC on default and same for the LT150 (very plug and play). The picture continues to amaze me! I keep bringing other projectors into my HT for a look, but I just can't wait to finish with them and get back to the LT150.


Grant Smyth
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I have mine ceiling mounted, and as the manual mentions, the noise increases when set for ceiling mount. It goes into high-speed fan mode, just as when it detects high temperature in desktop mode.

I have done a quick & easy "solution" which I'll probably stick with: I took an old plexiglass printer stand, turned it upside down, drilled a few small holes in it, looped some nylon fishing line thru the holes, and hung it from the board on which my projector is mounted. It doesn't kill the sound by any means, but it acts as a sheild that cuts the noise by 40% or so. It's to the point where, once the movie starts, I almost never notice it. I like the fact that it allows for plenty of air flow, and I can take it down and put it up again very easily. It even looks kinda cool.

Maybe someday I'll do a proper hush box...

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