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Is 900 Lumens enough?  

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I currently have an InFocus 720 and I have encountered a problem when ceiling mounting the unit, which InFocus tech support informed me that its "old software" and they will not update it to fix my "video tear" when a scene pans. No need to ramble on this problem since I have spent way too much time on it and am ready to throw it out the window.

So, I am in the market for a new projector. I have found a deal that I can't pass up on an NEC LT154. It is 1024x768 and supports 1080i and 720p. I will be using a HTPC for it. But the unit is only 900 lumens.

Will I be happy with it. Their next projector up, the LT155 is 1200 lumens but I can't get the great deal on it.

Any thoughts on if I will be happy with 900 lumens?

Thanks all...
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CRTs only give out average 200 lumens, so your 800 shud be more than enough in a light controlled room.
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Thanks for the advise. I guess that I am just hungry for more brightness.

If I were to clarify my concerns, it is just that I was looking at a 1000-1300 lumen projector before I found this deal. My current projector is just 450 lumens and so how much more difference is there from going from 450-to-900 vs. 450-1200?? Is the 300 extra that great?


p.s. This forum RULES..
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If you have total light control then I would say yes 900 lumens is fine...

Of course more is better but if you can get rid of ambient light totally then I am pretty happy with the 575 or so that my Davis clone produces...

It is fighting the ambient light that I want more brightness for... I do not have room for a 'dedicated' HT room (and generally I like having my HT in use as a big screen 16x9 TV, games console, Web browsing etc, I much prefer this than hiding it in the basement only for occasional viewing) but have to deal with windows drapes etc they are not perfect and consequentially my day time viewing is washed out... I live with it but others wouldn't...

Of course this is all personal so what I find is OK you may not YMMV

HTPC without using windows... GUI Front Ends for Home Theater

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