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Sony 10HT Mk II  

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I've been reading various posts regarding this successor but I'm still not convinced that these reports are actually true. If they are true, I'm not sure that they'll be available any time soon for US distribution.
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They are true and they will be available in July; the US designation will be 11HT.
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OK Robert.. Give up a few more details or me and the boyz are gonna have to get rough....

Can you tell us what this projector does, that the current one does not?? Or what it improves upon??

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The rumors are true.

The new name will be 11HT.

Changes are:

- More light output, think about 1.300 ANSI to 1.500 ANSI
- Increased contrast ratio
- New gamma adjust
- More compatibility with computer sources
- Allows external RGBHV to fill complete LCD panel
- Updated internal scaler

Production starts in late June.

It will arrive the US in July and Europe in August / September.

Best regards,

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Just what the doctor order, higher light output and better contrast. This is just the ticket for the new lower gain gray screens. What about a digital connection?

Never become so involved with something that it blinds you.
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Thx Julio..

So more light, better blacks.. Hmmm, sounds like it will be a HUGE seller..

Any info about doing a better job of keeping dust out, which has been a BIG problem for the 10HT ??

-- Cain

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OK -- this sounds interesting. I don't suppose 10HTs can be upgraded. Sounds like the hardware upgrades will be worth getting a new projector.
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Do you know if there are any changes to the fill factor ("screen door") on the 11HT?
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If the rumors are true for the 11HT then I will buy it. I liked the 10ht very much except for the unacceptable blacks. I was going for the Sanyo PLV-60 but I think the internal processing of the Sony is better.
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Where is this information being gleaned from?

Can someone post a link that verifies all this?

It's great to have all this great gear. But I'd instead put all that money into software (Movies) I'd have SOMETHING TO WATCH ON ALL THIS GREAT GEAR. Doh!
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There is some more confirmation in this thread.

Spero D.
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There is some more confirmation in this thread-


Spero D.
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The information is true.

I buy some 100 to 125 units of this projector this year, and that means that you must forecast with Sony the delivery for the next 6 months.

If there is any change in the models, Sony inform this on the forecast.

Wait and you will see.

Best regards,

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Re: Fill factor. I have truly no clue, but I would think that the fill factor would remain the same, unless sony adds MLA on the panel. (I say this with the belief that I highly doubt they re-engineered a new panel for this machine).

I figure they have done something with the optics to reduce black level, and by virtue of increased brightness the contrast ratio would go up. In fact, that contrast ration increase is believable, but not the reduction in black level, which would have to be seen to be believed.

David Mendicino
Sharp xv-s55u (Don't laugh) :)
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As for fill factor, the Cygnus IMX-931 does a fairly decent job of increasing percieved fill factor, (you can see their website). I have one with my VW10HT and it does a fairly good job. Better blacks and scaling would be a good improvement...I currently am using a DVDO in the Y-Pb-Pr out mode and it does improve the quality of the picture, though it doesn't come close on small details to the smoothness of my CRT projector, (ie the opening scene in Gladiator where the troops are marching (arrows flying, etc.), the individual soldiers seem quite a bit more pixallated on the VW10HT than the CRT.
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Hi Julio,

At the time I'm looking for my first home projector. My favourite now is the SIM HT200 + IscoII. But I'm waiting for the upcoming Sanyo/Eiki's 16:9 because of their short-throw distance.

18 months ago I was very impressed by the VW-10HT - the bad contrast ratio was the deal killer. I would assume that Sony will do a better job regarding the internal scaling. If a scaler/HTPC could adress now the whole panel that would be very fine. Also the 10HT was the first with a real quiet fan.

Now I have some questions:

1) Is the Sony equipped with an optical lensshift like the Sanyo?
2) How much is the price comparing to the VW-10HT ?
3) What's about the screen-door effect/filling factor ?

Many Thanks for your informations and Greeetings, Walter.

Graz, hometown of the Terminator...
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I don't see much in the way of confirmation in regards to the replacement for the 10HT. Various people are making statements without stating sources. Some even repeat info from other posts and hype it as fact. No one has said anything verifiable.
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