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D-ILA Instant Messenging?  

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Picture this:

You are ready to watch a movie with your HTPC/D-ILA combination. A tiny window on your screen shows the status of other folks doing the same thing at the same time all over the world!

You could see whether other folks have their projector ON, in STANDBY or OFF. If the projector is ON, you could see if they were tuned in to a DVD, HDTV or one of the video modes. Maybe even send an instant message to the person, saying:

"Hey Chris, whatcha watchin'?"

A privacy mode prevents anyone from interrupting you. Would this be cool? Would you feel completely violated (invasion of your privacy)? Would you feel more connected to the rest of your peers? Would it be easier to ask questions when you have them? Do you have broadband or dial-up Internet access?

It's totally possible to "network" the projectors together when they are connected to PCs, and with the RS232 cable connected, the available information is fairly rich.

I'm not saying that this will happen anytime soon, but I wanted to throw the idea out to see what the interest level is. If this does go forward, it would probably be released as a freeware app. (not associated with Dilard) to try to increase the number of users to a level where the app is interesting to use.

Thoughts? Extensions on the idea? Please post!
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I would have so say absolutely not, but that is just my opinion..

Can you imagine that "uh-oh" ICQ sound at 110 dbs in 5.1 with two subwoofers!!! ;-)

-- Cain

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OK. OK. I hear you.

By the way, do you really have the volume in your home theater set to 110 dbs? Do you sit in the same room when you watch a movie? http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/biggrin.gif
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Hehe.. OK, I exagerated the SPL. How about 108 ??? ;-)

That page with he guy's house exploding from the DILA??? I'll bet he had ICQ patched through his THX 5.1 system, and that is what exploded his home!!
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My system can hit 110 db's easy. REAL easy...
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What was that you said ??? http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif
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That might not be so bad, especially if you activate it and deactivate it with a keystroke or pronto button.

You might have been able to catch more of the Matrix last night, huh Mark?

Did you see any of it at all?

Very well done by HBO, IMO.

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I think it's a great idea. Especially since I don't really know anybody locally that owns a D-ILA. It might be a great way to get to know and chat with other owners (more personal than the forums).

Too bad there isn't any way of (optionally) transmitting the current movie that is playing. (If the disc is properly labeled, it should be possible).


D-ILA, HTPC, HDTV, Panamorph(?)
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Why would it just have to be for D-ilas? Why not an AVSforum instant messenger? I t could tell you when you forum or topic recieved a new post or when someone you are interested in following a discussion with has just made a post.

Brian Ingram

Pardon my terrible spelling :)
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True, it wouldn't have to be for D-ILA at all. I didn't mean to exclude anyone.

I was just playing with my projector and realized how much "information" you could get out the serial port...

Since my HTPC is connected to my cable modem (on-line, all the time), anyone else "out there" could easily check to see the state of my projector...indeed the state of my entire HTPC (yes, including the title of the DVD currently in play).

It would be a bit more work to support other projectors, but a generic "instant messenger" shouldn't be hard...in fact, MSN Messenger and AIM are already available.

I suppose that all that needs to be done is the exchange of handles. I am "markh@milori.com" on MSN Messenger and "markmilori" on AIM.
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