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LP340/350 FAQ?  

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I saw an LP340/350 FAQ mentioned on this forum, but a quick google search didn't retrieve anything. Where is this FAQ located? Thanks!
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Here's an LP350 FAQ: http://www.gregorvision.com/lp350/lp350faq.shtml
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Hi everyone,

Sorry about the lack of updates to the FAQ over the past 3 months - I've been super-busy at work and as evidence I've only put about 100 hours on my LP350 http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

I just took some time and went through the FAQ and updated it - here's a summary of the updates:
- replacement of LP340 with LP340-C[rap] noted
- more detailed report on deinterlacer and it's limitations
- focus problems noted, suggestions listed
- bulb explosion problem noted
- rare minor 16:9 scaler bug/glitch found and noted (maybe PAL only)
- device compatability chart updated (ATI Radeon, Dreamcast WinCE games, 15KHz RGB incompatabilities noted)
- Strange occasional mis-detection of 640x480 RGB as 1024x768 bug discovered! (can we get Infocus to fix it?)
- some wording changed in various sections

Just in case I change the name of the FAQ html file in future, use this URL to get to it:
(and I've added a link to that to my otherwise horribly out of date front door)

Enjoy your projectors!
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I wish I had read your FAQ before I bought a Radeon Card with DVI out, but I can finally report that there are some of us that have made the Radeon's DVI output work with LP340/LP350 projectors. See this thread:


Still is sux tho. But you might want to update your FAQ.
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