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DILA G10+QUADSCAN 2.10 : 1365*768  

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Hi, I own a G10 and a quadscan 2.10 and I'd like to know how to obtain a 1365*768 resolution? Which parameter do I have to change?
I'm connected to the quad with YUV cable. Do I have to connect to computer 1 or 2 to obtain this format?
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Help, please !
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I have not set this combo up in about six months, but since no once else responded I did a little research. Since you are inquiring about a 16:9 resolution I will assume you have a 16:9 screen and a ceiling mounted projector.

First you need to output from the quadscan in the component RGBHV. The quad has a VGA HD15 connector as an output. You then will connect the output of the quadscan to computer 1 or 2. Comp2 is more versatile as it will allow you to connect a Hi-def decoder through the quadscan to the projector, but comp1 will allow you to use a vga cable from the quadscan while you will need a vga to 5 bnc male cable for comp2.

1- Set the D-ILA to autosynch (this is temporary)
2- Select 1365*1024 (D-ILA) as the output resolution.
3- Select 16:9A as your output aspect ratio, this will justify the image to the 1365*768 pixels/raster of the D-ILA.
4- Now manually select the SXGA3 to obtain the best image

A quote from the manual on the input source selection:
"Input Source Selection (Multiple)
This control selects which input television source will be processed and displayed. The options are:
Input Source Front Panel Designation
VGA Pass Through PASS VGA
Channel A Component YUV A
Channel B Component YUV B
Channel A S-Video SVHS A
Channel B S-Video SVHS B
Channel A Composite COMP A
Channel B Composite COMP B
When the “Auto†option is selected, the QuadScan will automatically select, process and display the source with the
highest priority. The priority scheme is listed above with VGA pass through as the highest priority and Channel B
Composite as the lowest. The default source is “AUTOâ€.
Input Source Selection is indicated by “IN=†followed by the above mentioned channel designation on the
QuadScan’s Front Panel Display."

as the video sources change from anamorphic, to 4:3 , to 4:3 letter boxed you will have to select the correct input aspect ratio.
Designated as follows:
The Input Aspect Ratio Selection Options are
Input Source---------------------Front Panel Designation
4:3 Full Screen------------------Input= 4:3
16:9 Full Screen (Anamorphic)----Input=16:9
Letter box-----------------------Input=4:3LB

I hope my recollection is correct.

Don O

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Thank you.
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