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Newbie info?  

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I was originally set on a 55" RPTV, but decided to take a peek at this FPTV forum. I know nothing about FPTV and never even seen one in action. Where's a good place to start? (I've read a couple of threads here, but I didnt notice any general faqs)

Also, one basic question: Are these FPTV viewable if the room is well lit (comfortable reading a book)? At least as viewable as a RPTV?

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Run keyword searches and read the threads. It's all here, you just gotta spend some time looking at it and reading.

As to the second question, depends on the projector. I'd say generally no with CRT, but there are several digital like the D-ila G20, the new Sanyo twins (XP18 and XP 21) and I am sure this group can list many more. In general, the digital projectors put more lumens on the screen, allowing you to have more light in the room, BUT at the expense of contrast and black level. Remember, with FPTV, you are reflecting the picture off a screen. Your room light also reflects off the screen.

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