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G11 Vs Dukane 9000D  

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There is a 9000D for sale. Would I be loosing anything by buying that and not getting the G11. What are the major difference if any. My screen size will be 45x80 and the projector to screen distance will be about 15 feet. Most viewing will be at night, so light wont be an issue. Does the G11 have a better contrast ratio, or does calibration equal things out.
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From the comments I have seen from R. Martin who calibrated quite a few of these, the biggest difference will be the G11s ability to generate more ansi lumens, and the 9000d will ultimately have a better black level. The contrast should be about the same. For daytime viewing the G11 would probably be better. If you have lighting control and know that both projectors will have zero pixel defects, I would save the money for a scaler, HTPC, or software.

PS even if the 9000d produces only 500 ansi lumens post calibration, you will have 20 ft-lamberts of screen brightness with a unity gain screen.
Don O

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The better, more efficient light path of the G11's makes them somewhat brighter. However, another issue that's been discussed is that older G10's & clones are less susceptible to shading issues in general than G11's. The more advanced light path tends to make shading problems more visible.

The 'old' original G10 bulbs had a larger arc spacing that made them lose brightness faster than the newer G11 bulbs with shorter arcs. Fortunately, the newer G11 bulbs can be fitted into G10's when the time comes.
I'd check with the seller to see if there's any stuck on pixels. They can be distracting, to say the least.
Equipped with an crt projector optimized room, I couldn't justify the added expense for the brightness difference.
Good luck,
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Has anyone actually done this here? (Used a G11 bulb in a G10)

I recall a comment a long time ago that the color spectrum of these two bulbs are somehow different, so if you calibrated your projector with a G10 bulb it would need to be recalibrated for a G11 bulb .. Any truth to this?

Andy K.
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Alan Gouger installed a G11 bulb into a G10. I'd quote the post, but I guess there's alot of TiVo people chatting, so the search is disabled.
I don't remember any mention of colormetery changes between them, but it would be conceivable.
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