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LP340 Problems!  

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After using my new lp340 for a few days, I found a couple of problems. When I powered the unit up today, I found that the lamp counter was reset to 0. My unit is running firmware 1.8. I thought this problem was already fixed? In addition, there seems to be a lot of stray light around the image. Wasn't this the "halo" problem which was supposedly fixed as well? Maybe I have a unit that was manufactured a while back and was sold to me as new? How can I tell?
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Sorry, I'm at work and don't have much time to search for you but if you just do a search you can find the info about the serial number to see when it was manufactured. The quick answer to your question is that these problems seem to be normal. Infocus really didn't fix anything but they did improve on the problems at least.
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Are you talking about the light border that surround the image or the light pouring through the grill?

The light border around the image is normal for this projector. You need to mask it in some fashion. People have used black material like felt around the screen and also built a square filter that is placed in front of the lens.

The light through the grill was supposed to be fixed after week X (46?). There's a way to tell what week your unit was manufactured from the serial number. I don't remember how to do it, but you should be able to search for it or someone else will surely pipe in with the answer.

I recently did a test in my environment with a post grill fix box where I blocked the grill to see if there was any difference in the picture. There wasn't from 13' or so away, projecting onto a 90" 4:3 screen.


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I don't think they have ever offered a solution to the light pouring through the grill. My current projector is from the end of January 2001 (verified by checking serial numbers) (although since it was a warrenty replacement, it may just be a repackaged older model), and there is a noticable difference on the screen when blocking the light from the grill. (in fact I had to put up felt on the panel I was using to block the light because it was so bright that it was distracting...)
Also no solution yet to the bulb timer reset. Last time I spoke to Infocus, they claimed they were never able to reproduce it in their labs.
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I received a reply from Infocus tech support. They seem to think the lamp reset problem requires a replacement projector... Is this even worth the hassel? Is it likely that a replacement unit will not have the problem?
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Just as a warning. I replaced my projector a few times through infocus, and after a point (which is reasonable) they require you to send it in for repairs. (which meant that when I finally did have a big problem (namely the bulb exploding) I wasn't able to get a replacement..). Also I have had 3 different units, all having the lamp reset problem.

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Too late! I already called them, and a new unit is on the way. They seemed to know about the lamp reset problem this time, the representative said there was a bad "batch" of 340's with firmware that has the timer bug.
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I would suggest that you return the projector. InFocus has a great return policy where they will send you a replacement overnight before you send in your existing projector. Once you receive the new projector, they will schedule FedEx to pick it up from you... so you have no shipping costs and no time without a projector.

I recently purchased a LP350 with a serial number just before they fixed the light halo problem. To be safe I simply asked for a new unit, and it was no hassle at all.

I recommend you do it for a few reasons:
1) it doesn't cost you anything
2) better address the light spillage to your satisfaction now... in other words, you won't have this opportunity in the future
3) if you have a counter problem I would definitely ask for a new machine

InFocus tech support ---> 800-799-9911

Good luck,
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