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Viewing projectors in Toronto  

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Hi everyone. I'm starting to do my projector shopping for a purchase something this summer. I've seen a couple of the dream vision DLP projectors but I'd really like to see some more including some D-ILA and the Sony 10HT (hoping to spend around 6 or 7 grand US). I'm located in Toronto and I'm having a hard time finding shops where I can see some of these so I'm asking for any recommendations - shops, shows, peoples houses that I can sneak up to the window and look into (just kidding - really <g> ). I have no problem driving a couple hours if there's something to see. Basically any and all suggestions would really be appreciated - fire away and help me spend my hard earned money.
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I am a couple of hours from Toronto near Napanee, Ontario just off the 401. I have a couple of DLP projectors, HTPC, progressive scan DVD player etc. E-mail me and if you like we'll set a time for a show and tell. I can also point you towards locations where you can see some other projectors in the Toronto, Oshawa area.


Grant Smyth
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Hi Emo,

You are not the first Toronto HT nut. You can see some answers to this question here , here (a little), and here .

Good luck!
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Duocom in Richmond Hill will set up any number of LCD and DLP projectors (in particular, the NEC line VT540, LT150, etc etc) and let you do a good shootout.

Andy K.
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Thanks for all the info guys, looks like I'm not as out of luck as I thought (now if only the prices were the same or our dollar would pick up against the US..sheesh).

I hadn't realized Duocom did DLP - didn't see anything on their web site about it but I'll definitely check them out now.

Keep the ideas coming and Thanks again.
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Well, if you are wondering what DILA is like, I have
a G20 in my HT/office.

It's REAL, REAL nice. Over the past few months
I've had friends come over now that "renovations" are
over. They don't know what I've been up to.
(Big secret eh?)

I sit them down on the couch, show them NTSC, then
a DVD, then HDTV from the satellite. Without
execption, they all have this glassy fixed eye stare.

I wonder why :-)
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A G20? <drool>

If you have an OTA HDTV receiver check out the ATSC demo loop on channel 66. The "Over America" clip is breathtaking, and looks even better than any of the material I've seen on StarChoice/ExpressVu.

Emo, looks like you're lining up a well-rounded projector tour. Bay Bloor also has a Seleco DLP and the Paramount at John & Richmond has a 3-chip eCinema DLP projector. We're expecting a full report card once you've finished the tour. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

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Definetely will be a posting a report card. Before I start the "tour" though I'd better destroy any and all credit cards - some of these systems sound incredible - must fight evil urge to buy new toys now (never been able to fight it before though <g> ).
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Audio One on Steeles
Brack on Front Street
Brentview on Mout Pleasant
Audio Excellence on Bayview North or Yorkville
Kromer Radio
Great Metropolitain Sound Company on Eglinton
They all have high end HT projectors. Call first to see what they have on demo.
Check Advanced presentation products and Duocom (Both in TO) web pages for decent prices on demos and clearances of busines projectors. Saw a demo NEC VT 540 for C$5000 advertised at Advanced presentation products.
Been window shopping, but waiting for Infocus HT.
Definitly leave your credit cards, cheques and negotiable securities at home.

If you know what you want you can look at prices at www.microwarehouse.ca navigate through hardware to projectors

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