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Internal scaler that bad?  

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I finally received the component RCA->HD15 cable for my NEC LT154. When I hooked up my Playstation2 to it for DVDs, I was horrified. I knew that some people used external scalers, but can the internal scaler really be this bad?

I'm seeing very noticeable jaggy pixels, this periodic vertical band pattern (slight coloration changes) with bands ~40 pixels wide, and moire patterns when people wear striped shirts. This is barely watchable, and only if I throw it way out of focus. When I grabbed my laptop and played the same DVD at the native 1024x768, the picture looked perfect.

I thought I had read that NEC's scalers were actually pretty good (and it does scale my computer signals decently). If the scaler really is normally this poor, then what are my options? My budget is already stretched from the new projector, new surround speakers, and an upcoming move... I'd just settle for using my laptop, but then I can't get the digital audio out. What's my cheapest option for getting watchable quality here? Should I return the component cable and not play ps2 games using the projector (that would be unfortunate...)?
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Hi Them,

Your cheapest option might actually be to get a digital-out sound card for your laptop! That will cost you less than $100, and there is no way that you are going to be able to get a scaler of any kind for that kind of dough.

Even less expensive would be to run the analog audio out from your laptop into the analog in of your receiver ($0), although that may be more compromise than you are willing to make.

No way should you stop playing games on the big screen!
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Thanks for the tip... I've been trying to pursue this further, but my searches aren't pulling up any laptop (PCMCIA? USB? Firewire? that's all I have) digital out sound cards (well, except for a few ~$500). Do you have a name of a soundcard or a link for this under $100?

Also, does anybody know if this level of quality on an NEC scaler normal? I've just read another recent post suggesting that one of the Infocus projectors can be used with interlaced DVDs without a scaler with good results. Anybody else using an NEC without an external scaler? Maybe my projector is defective? (annoying if I need a warranty repair, but possible relief for my budget...)
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