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Riddle me this.  

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I recently installed an NEC LT150 DLP projector near my ceiling, about 11 feet from screen. The screen is a Da-lite hi power model b.

Now I've heard of people not having good results with this combo when the projector is mounted on the ceiling, but it made no sense to me. How would projector placement have anything to do with picture quality?

Boy was I wrong. The image, when sitting is washed out. If you stand up, however, it improves. Stand on a chair and view it at projector level and it shines.

Why would this occur, and what can I do to correct it? (I suspect the answer involves buying a different screen, but I thought I'd ping you all first!)

Thanks for any insight you may have.


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Mark, this is because the hi-power screen is retro-reflective, meaning most of the light reflected off the screen gets reflected back to the the original source of where it came from (the projector). This is why the screen works great for table table top mounting of the projector because you are seated were most of the light is reflected back too.
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Thanks for the quick reply. Do I win a home theater darwinism award? http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

So under these circumstances what would be the best material to have? I was looking on the da-lite site and don't see any mention of a material's properties. The Video Spectra 1.5 seems the next logical candidate perhaps?

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I myself have the Da-lite cinemavision 1.3 gain with my Sony 400 mounted to the ceiling. It works very well in terms of having a wide viewing angle without changing brightness when sitting off angle but, I don't like it because it shows what looks like sparklies or glitter in bright scenes, my white wall looked better. Your projector has ample brightness (certainly more than mine) to go with a plain matte white screen (gain of 1) especially if you have a light controlled environment, like a basement. I think stewarts 1.3 gain does not have the sparkly effect that the Da-lite 1.3 has, so that one shoud be ok.

Good Luck.
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I was just wondering this same quesiton myself. I just got the LT 150, but since the vga breakout cable is still in transit, I haven't had an opportunity to feed it a progressive scan source. I will say that all the talk of the internal scaler are true. NTSC looks solid, but not breathtaking. I was planning on having it ceiling mounted with the 2.8 gain dalite high power, but after this post I am having second thoughts. Anybody have experiences similar to mark? what about ceiling mount w/1.3 gain white screen, or how about the dalite gray screen? the stewarts are unfortunately a wee bit out of my price range. I am just using my white wall for now.
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An update.

I've lowered the projector about 4 feet to about 15 degrees off center from the screen. It's a bit noisy but the picture simply comes to life near eye level. I'm running a panasonic plasma behind the screen and the projector-htpc combo rival its colors, I kid you not. =)

Very happy with this setup and I haven't even tweaked it yet. Thanks for the info.

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Mark's exactly correct. The Hi Power screen has little glass beads on its surface. No matter which direction the light comes from, it will reflect off the back of each of the beads in the same direction as it came from. If you see a description of a screen that mentions a beaded surface, you know that it is retro-reflective. I've heard that Da-Lite has pretty knowledgeable people that you can talk to on the phone. There's also an AVS screens forum.

- Chris
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Sorry, got your names reversed.
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Is there anybody out there? Please read my posts about the LT150 carefully! I mentioned in "For Your Eyes Only" that the hipower screen works better for floor mounting - sounds like Iwearnosox came up with a great solution, however, the LT150 kicks up its fan noise when inverted (also in my post).

Gray screens and the LT150 - CAUTION! Again in my post I mention that Sofacinema went from gray to white and found a big improvement with the white. Scottyb, I think it was, also tried the LT150 with a gray screen and wasn't happy! Better check the LT150 out with a gray screen before you buy the screen.

Da-lite does make a glass beaded screen, however it is my understanding that the hipower isn't it! Da-lite's literature says that the hipower has the reflectively of glass beaded with the ability to clean the surface.

I will take this opportunity to repeat the mantra - TURN THE WHITE SEGMENT TO OFF - take the checkmark out of the box for the white segment and it is then off! Outside of the LT150's colour and contrast this is what separates it from most other presentation projectors and gives it the high quality picture I keep raving about.

Sounds like others are getting some great results with the LT150.


Grant Smyth
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Grant is correct, it was me with the gray screen. I've had an Infocus that did well with a Grayhawk and now an NEC LT155(LCD), but the LT150 just couldn't get the colors quite right with the Grayhawk. On the other hand the LT155 looks much better than my Infocus 350, ay least as far as colors go. There are other trade offs though. As has been posted before, Be sure you are able to return or exchange the product you buy if you are unable to view it before hand. AVS and John at abigpicture (sponser of ths forum) are two such companies. Both have OUTSTANDING service policies!!!!!!!!

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