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Projector demos in NYC  

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I live in the Rocky Mountains and have almost no opportunity to see demos of any projector. A lot of postings have wisely recommended to look before you buy, but that is easier said than done. I will be near New York City next week and am hoping to take advantage of the major population center to get a look at some of the projectors I have read about.

Can anyone recommend retailers in New York where I can see some projectors and have a fighting chance of getting a fair price? I am primarily interested in the Sanyo PLC-XP21N and the NEC LT150.

Thank you for any help you can give me.
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I live in NYC and I'd like to see these projectors in action as well, and have no idea where..
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Sorry to say that in NYC it's almost all Runco, with the occasional Sony VW10HT and Sharp thrown in at the A/V retailers. If you head for the surrounding New York, New Jersey and Connecticut suburbs, you might be able to add a Seleco or a Dwin to the list, but that's about it.

If you try the resellers of business presentation projector, you may have some luck, but be prepared for sub-optimal demos (for home theater) and lots of hard work chasing reps and setting up appointments.
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B&H Photo in Manhattan (33rd and Ninth Avenue) has a number of Sanyo and Sony projectors amongst others on display. You can call them at 800-947-1186 to confirm what is on display before making your trip over their.
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The 1800 number is not reachable from the NYC area, but they do have a local number posted on their web site,
and they seem to have the PLC-XP21N in stock.

<a href="http://www02.bhphotovideo.com/default.sph/FrameWork.class?FNC=ProductActivator__Aproductlist_html___21 6179___SAPLCXP21N___REG___SID=E6C90615840">Direct link to PLCXP21N</A>
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Thank you for the leads. I will make some calls before I leave.
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If you can pop over to NJ. There is quite a number of
quality HT dedicated shops that demo a large selection.

My Fav is in Denville NJ: SoundCity

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