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Short cables - quality still matters  

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I have my Quadscan scaler mounted about a foot away from my G11 D-ILA projector. At the same time I bought the projector, I bought a Better Cables 40' component cable for the long run from the DVD player to the projector (before I had the QS.) When I got the QS, I just used the RGB cable that came with the projector to connect the QS to the G11. I always intended to get a better cable for this, but I'd seen other posts saying that there isn't much of a difference for short runs.


When William Phelps was calibrating my projector, he mentioned that I'd probably notice an improvement with a higher quality cable. It turned out that he had a very short Better Cables HD-15 to 5 BNC cable in stock that I went and picked up from him yesterday.

The difference was amazing. Titles and credits are now -way- clearer. The top and bottom edges of 2.35:1 images used to have a very noticeable shadow line just inside the image area. This is now virtually gone, and the edge itself is sharp. The main thing, though, is that the entire picture is just much clearer. My incentive to get an HTPC just went way down because I no longer think I can see the difference between the Quadscan and an HTPC.

Some of the improvement may be due to using the BNC connectors on one end instead of HD-15 on both ends. But I think the basic lesson is that using high quality cables is important for even the shortest runs. I still don't believe in high-end audio cables, but spending a little on video cables is a very good investment. I'm certainly sold on Better Cables as a source, and would recommend them to anybody.

- Chris
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When using a cable to change from HD-15 to BNC there are really two important points.

1. Impedance. How well is the cable made. Good rule of thumb here is if it comes in a shrink wrapped package... stay away.

2. Shielding. When you go from the coax to the 15 pin, you remove the shield from the wire. so any field protection you have dissapears.

Most of these issues are not as big an issue in the low frequency world we deal in. However if you refer to the comment about shrink wrapped packages, Alot of manufacturers will sell you a 15K projector with a 15$ cable.
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