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11HT - pre-ordering information?  

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Anyone know any information about any places that may be pre-ordering the 11ht and for how much? Also i havent been following it to much so any info on the release date would be great too..
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I'm defintely looking into it. I also hope they make a lot of improvements over the 10HT.

Pictures: The Worm Hole Theater featuring the Black Hole Subs and Death Star Platform
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I have been told by a guy who sells them that they will be out by Mid-June @ a list of ~$8000.


I want it now not later...
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Ultimate Electronics in Utah quoted me a price of $7,999 and expects to have them by the 3rd week in June or there abouts.

Anyone out there upgrading and looking to get rid of their 10HT? That should be good enough for me for now. PM me if you have one to unload.
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Sounds like they "quoted" you list! http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/frown.gif

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Ultimate quoted me list on my HT10 too. They think they're a high end dealer I guess. They do have free Pepsi. Does that mean anything?

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A sales mgr. working for one of the largest "Professional" Sony dealerships in the US informed me their Sony Rep has no news on a launch date for the 11HT. In fact, other than a boost in contrast ratio, further distinctions between the 10HT and 11HT remain vague at this time. Perhaps the Infocom exhibition will shed more info.

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Hey Dan

They're knotheads at Ultimate. Too bad since they do have some nice stuff (and a boatload of crap too).

I love my Sony HT10. The lack of black is a problem at times, but on most programming, the picture is great. Sometimes even the overcompressed video from DirecTV is impressive (National Geographic channel, ESPN baseball).

Give me a ring and we'll set up a demo. I'm free all weekend. I have a pretty decent DVD selection but bring anything you want to see. I also have channel 199 demo up and running for a taste of elusive HDTV. I'm still projecting on a wall and using a first generation DVD player, so I'm sure I can improve the picture with a few purchases and tweaks.

Anyone else from Albu-turkey is welcome too. Send email (see my profile) or post here if you're interested.


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I sent you an email.

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Question is, are they going to have a demo of the 11HT setup in the Albuquerque store? They do have that great room in the back that is being wasted on a Sharp projector (last time I went in, about 6 months ago). For list price they should be demoing the 11HT.

Pete, so how do you like the 10HT? Ready to show it off to your fellow HT-natics in Albuquirkey?

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It took forever for Sony to ship the 10 in any significant quantity. Everyone we got went out at list. By the time the backlist was filled, the steet priced dropped, but by then the world had passed it by. I really do not like it. It was a great way to sell CRTs. Just compare the difference of say one of those and a DWIN HD-700. The 11 will be cheaper and better. But I would buy a DLP instead (if there were no CRTS out there).

mark haflich

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