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GrayHawk prices?  

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I'm interested in turning in my Dalite Model-B screen for a fixed screen. I've only had the Model-B for a few weeks, and the waves are annoying. I'd also like to use a 16:9 aspect ratio screen for DVD's, and have a wide enough border to hide some of the halo from my LP340.

How much should I expect to spend on something like this? I don't need anything bigger than 100" (maybe smaller)... I keep reading about the GrayHawks, but I suspect they are very $$$. Where can I get a deal?
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You can get a good deal here at AVS.


-- Well I have really blown my budget now. --
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How do I get more information about Stewart screens at AVS? I have read that AVS can help with pricing Stewart on many threads, but who do I contact? Any help would be great. Thanks,

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Send an e-mail to Jason Turk. He's been very responsive in the past. Jason@avscience.com

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Thanks alot.
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