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Pronto Pro Examples  

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Hey all, I need your help.

My fiance has asked me what I want for my Birthday in June, so she can save up for it.:D I want to tell her the ProntoPro. Beind a HT Enthusiast and a guy with a Computer Science degree, it intrigues me to get one and learn how to program it.

I was hoping you guys might have some pictures of your Pronto/ProntoPros in action. I want to show my fiance the different capabilities that can be combined into one remote, as opposed to the four we have for the setup in the den right now, for example.

So, any links or pictures would be great. I have not yet mastered the intricacies of the AVS Forum search function, and my searches on this have yielded bajillions of posts/threads...

Your help is appreciated...
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You should check out Remote Control Central .

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Very Cool.

Thanks for the link.
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Here's an example of one of my Pronto macro screens. It's very basic but allows my wife to easily operate my home theater system. If she, for example, presses the "TIVO" button the macro turns on the TV, turns on the Preamp and switches the input to the Tivo as source regardless of the last state. It then jumps to the Tivo control screen. I have a drawer full of remotes which are all entirely unused. The Pronto does everything I need.
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if you download the pronto edit software (you can find it on the link posted above) it has a "soft pronto" emulator that works just like the real thing.
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I assume the pronto edit software is run on a PC connected to the pronto via some kind of cable (USB, serial?) This probably means me and my mac are out of luck :(
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You are out of luck using ProntoEdit from Phillips, but you can use Tonto (don't have the link handy). Tonto is a third party software written in Java and is multi platform compatible (PC/Mac/Unix). I don't know what people with Mac's do about actually downloading to the Pronto device. Yes, the Pronto uses a serial link, but I presume you could convince your mac to talk to it via a USB-Serial link. *shrug* I'm a PC guy. Hope that helps.
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Re: Macs
Get Tonto, get a USB-serial adapter. (I use Keyspan's, but people also use Belkin's). It works fine under either OS X or Classic. Read the stuff at the Tonto web site. HNick
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Hey, that's great, found the site explaining Tonto and the mac OS X download. The Google search also turned up this campaign in Dallas:

"To assist in promoting educational awareness and its importance to our youth via the "Don't be a Tonto, Graduate Pronto" campaign. To provide financial assistance through a" Graduate Pronto" fund to those who qualify in the academic arena"

Is that a reference to the Lone Ranger's (presumably under-educated) sidekick? Sounds like it could be misinterpreted as a racial slur.
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