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Thats great to hear. I received a email from KELO they think they have there problem fixed Saturday afternoon so there back at full power.
I hope you enjoy CBS hdtv... CSI is really good just don't eat while watching.
Maybe we all should email kmeg and tell them if your not going to do HDTV then not to worry about turning on there digital signal we'll just watch KELO for our CBS HDTV
Hope you enjoy all of your new equipment. I know I do.
Glad it all worked and could help you Mark

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Yep. I received the same e-mail about the problem (fixed) at KELO. Really enjoyed CSI-Miami in HD last night on KELO-DT. First time I've watched the show. It had some gross parts, but it was a pretty good show with great picture.

I already did the e-mail thing with KMEG. Still ticks me that they're not doing HD even if we can get KELO. You'd think KMEG being a 'Waitt' owned station and Gateway starting to sell plasmas and other HD capable products that it would be a natural fit for KMEG to promote HD. Maybe Norm & Ted just don't get along? Are they still transmitting digital? I did a scan last night & couldn't get anything.

I also discovered I can get KSFY at times. In the evenings I can get 50-70% signal and a solid picture. I was going to watch MNF but it was SD after they relocated the game to Arizona.

Thanks again.
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I noticed last weekend that KSFY-DT was not interrupting the HD broadcast with the "Weather Warnings". The SD broadcast had all the scrolling messages, tickers, maps, etc., but the HD broadcast was in all it's glory. First I had noticed of this. This is something that had annoyed me all summer because KSFY seemed to leave the warnings on for long periods of time, which would knock the HD broadcast back to SD. Kudos to KSFY and hopefully KELO can follow suit.
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Hi, folks. I just got a call from a newbie DTV guy in Dakota Dunes looking for some help pulling in a signal from KTIV-DT. Any of you want to volunteer to help him? If so, let me know at dmadsen@ktiv.com.

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I was playing around trying to pick up KMEG-DT and finally got a weak signal (I'll never watch it because I can get KELO-DT in HD, but just testing my new rotor). The signal was so weak I couldn't get a stable picture, but one thing I noticed was that the image was 4:3 stretched to 16:9 and I couldn't change the aspect ratio. Strange though my Zenith STB locks aspect ratio on an HD broadcast only. I assumed since the KMEG engineer said they won't be doing HD that the signal would be 480i digital like KCAU and I'd be able to change AR. Anybody else notice that?

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so mark how are you enjoying the Sioux Falls stations in HDTV? I see you have a rotor can you get KXNE (PBS) out of Norfolk They got some cool HD... there on digital channel 16. I can get it at 100% signal strength they turn on the signal around 1PM .
Hope the money sent for the antenna and rotor was worth it. I know I love mine and I'm glad i did.

Happy HDin

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I emailed KXNE about doing DD5.1. Here is what i received from them
Thank you for inquiring about NETV's HD service. At this time our HD
broadcast is stereo-surround only. We are in the process of adding a AC3
5.1 encoder and hope to have it on-line before the end of the year.

RL "Bob" Huber
Assistant Director of Engineering
Network Operations & Infrastructure Planning
Nebraska Educational Telecommunications
1800 N 33rd Street, Lincoln, NE.
402-472-9333 ext. 205


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Sioux Falls HD stations are awesome (of course, so is KTIV)! Watched the Victoria Secrets's show in HD on KELO Wednesday. Monday night Football on KSFY is great too - can't wait for the Super Bowl!!! Looking forward to the NFL game on Thanksgiving also. KELO signal is incredibly strong at 75 miles - I get 80-100% signal strength and solid picture all the time. KSFY is a little weaker but I have a solid picture with very few breakups. The rotor helps with fine tuning. I haven't tried KXNE, but I'll do that tonight. I thought they were on low power only?

Have you tried to get KMEGs digital signal? Still wondering why my set locks at 16:9 and won't let me change aspect ratio. It should only do that with a true 1080i broadcast.

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I can receive KXNE in Sioux City but I get occasional breakups & only 40-50% signal strength. They have some neat shows in HD. I hope KSIN starts their broadcasting soon.

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Here is some good news about KSIN (PBS) from iptv website
Important information about IPTV service in the Sioux City area


Contact: Jennifer Glover Konfrst - (515) 242-3146

IPTV Service to Sioux City-area Viewers Interrupted

KSIN may be off-air for scheduled maintenance

(Johnston, Iowa) KSIN channel 27 in Sioux City is scheduled for tower work and may be off the air during the day over the next several weeks. The project will require KSIN to be off the air intermittently beginning Monday, November 10 while a new transmission line and antenna are installed. This project is important to Iowa Public Television's mandated digital television transition, and the network will expedite this maintenance to get KSIN back on the air as quickly as possible.

For Sioux City-area residents receiving Iowa Public Television on channel 27, this project may require the network to be off the air during weekday hours, resuming broadcast by 5:30 p.m. daily. Viewers may contact Iowa Public Television at 800-532-1290 with questions.

Hope we have some nice calm days so they can get there digital signal up and running.

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I found this on NETV website (PBS) its to long so here is the link


Its on Nebraska done in HDTV
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I missed Widescreen Nebraska. How was the picture quality? Any news on KSIN?

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Widescreen Nebraska was awesome. It was like discovery hd. I send KSIN a email about there digital signal waiting for a reply back.

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I received an email from KSIN engineer here it is


Thank you for your inquiry. We always appreciate hearing from our viewers.

We are currently in the process of installing a new antenna for digital television at the KSIN site. The transmitter is installed and ready for
testing. We still need to get a link to the site from our studios in Johnston, IA. That is in process also. The only other thing that could hold us
back is the state budget situation. Since operational funding is from the state, we are dependent on the legislature to budget us the money.
We would like to be on the air early next year, but I cannot predict anything at this time.


John Stone

IPTV Engineering


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Hope you all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR... hope 2004 will be good for siouxland HDTV by KCAU-DT, KMEG-DT will do HDTV and KSIN-DT will go live in January. KPTH-DT will go to HDTV and increase power. (I know it won't all happen but one can only wish on Christmas Day morning)

Have a Safe and happy Holidays,
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Has anyone been able to get KMEG's digital broadcasts. Are they on the air? I emailed the engineer and I will post his response. It is no big deal because they are not broadcasting in HD and I can get CBS from Sioux Falls.
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Here is the reply I received from the KMEG engineer.

KMEG installed a low power DTV system last fall. The transmit antenna is
located at a lower level on our Channel 14 tower (4 miles SE of Hinton). Our
initial budget was not large enough to enable us the additional switching
and processing equipment necessary to pass the CBS HDTV signal through our

Reception in your area may vary. Your email doesn't indicate if you can
receive other Sioux City DTV stations; as each station had to construct
another transmission system to transmit DTV. Due to nearby bluffs, reception
in the Dakota Dunes area may require an outside antenna mounted as high as

Thank you for showing interest in the digital future.
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Hi, all...

in case you haven't heard, NBC will be broadcasting the Daytona 500 in HD on Feb. 15. That should be an awesome picture, which you'll be able to watch on KTIV-DT, Channel 41.

Dave Madsen
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Daytona 500 in HD will be awesome!

I'm about 57 miles N from the KTIV (sioux city) tower and 20 miles E of the KDLT (sioux falls) tower. What is the power output status of these two stations and are they broadcasting HD (1080i or 720p) or just ED (480p +/-) ?

I can barely pick up KTIV analog ch4 now, is the digital broadcast at similar power?

I am contemplating a HD receiver purchase and any help on this would help me in my decision. Thanks!
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Sometime this summer, KTIV-DT will be increasing power and probably moving our antenna to the top of our 2000' tower. That should help you get our signal from Sioux City. Actually, I was just notified this week that a viewer near Spencer, Iowa was getting the KTIV-DT signal. That's further away than we would have thought right now...

KTIV-DT is 1080i, passing through all HD from NBC...which as I said previously, will include the Daytona 500.
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I think KDLT-DT just upconverts

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To get HD over the air you will probably need an external antenna with an amplifier and a rotor because the CBS and ABC HD programs are on the Sioux Falls stations and the the NBC programs are on the Sioux City station. ABC and CBS stations in Sioux City do not carry HD programming and NBC in Sioux Falls does not carry HD programming. I have a Channel Master 4228 UHF antenna and I get Sioux Falls and Sioux City HD broadcasts. I live just outside Sioux City in South Dakota.
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I sent a email to KSIN about there digital signal and here is there email back



Thank you for your inquiry. We appreciate all viewer input.

KSIN-DT has been granted an extension along with some of our other transmitters for the on-air date. At the Sioux City site, the transmitter is
in place, the antenna is in place, but the transmission line up the tower needs to be completed and a link to our Des Moines studio put in
place. We hope to have the tower work done this spring as soon as the weather cooperates again. Our regular broadcasting will depend on
how money is budgeted in the legislature.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,

John Stone

IPTV Engineering


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Can anyone explain what is going on with KELO & KELO-DT? My STB maps KELO-DT as channel 11-1. About 2 weeks ago, another channel pops up on my box, without re-scanning for channels. It is labeled as KELO-SD and comes in on channel 11-2. It appeard to be the digital picture only stretched, with no side bars. It soon disappeared but I noticed it on my box another time or 2. Now last night channel 11-2 is back on my box, only this time it is labeled as UTV_UPN. It was basically a blank channel whenever I looked at it, but for a brief time (around 6:30 P.M. I think) there was some sort of hunting show on. Anyway, this 11-2 channel was not showing what was on KELO. All of this is happening without re-scanning for any new channels. Anybody know what is going on with this?
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I found this on KELO web page


UTV Debut

Thanks to technology, there's a new addition to the KELOLAND Family. Over the years, KELOLAND TV has tried to be an innovator in local broadcasting. Last year, we introduced the areas first full-power high definition TV signal. Now with addition of UTV, we are expanding the role of of our digital stations.

UTV, the new UPN affiliate for Sioux Falls, Aberdeen, Pierre, and all of eastern South Dakota hit the airwaves today, but not the old fashion way. KELOLAND TV carries UTV over the air through our new digital signal. One of the options with digital television is the ability to carry multiple programs at the same time on one channel. So if you currently pick up our high definition signal over the air now , you'll be able to watch the new UTV station too.

KELOLAND TV General Manager, Mark Antonitis says, "Right now the only way you can receive the new station is with a digital receiver."

UTV will not affect our current HDTV programming on CBS. In fact, as direct result of the investment in this new project, we can now deliver CBS in true High Definition to northeast KELOLAND, just in time for the Superbowl!

UTV will offer a wide range of programs, including all of the UPN prime time shows like Star Trek Enterprise. As the station grows, UTV will give us the option of televising more local programming in the future. The concept is new and KELOLAND TV is one of the first television stations in the country to experiment with the technology. But in the end, it means more choices for you the viewer in the years to come.

Antonitis says, "We're ready. It all works. We are looking to the future and it's going to be a great one."

Plans are also in the works to carry UTV and KELOLAND High Definition signal on local cable in the very near future.


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Thanks for the info. I guess I am cool with this as long as it doesn't affect the HD picture quality on KELO-DT.
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Thanks for the info. I was getting a friend hooked up today in time for the super bowl in 5 degree weather, and noticed that there was an 11-2 named UTV. I looked on antennaweb and they had no sign of it at all. I was in shock. I just told him that he was lucky and was picking up some strange signal from somewhere far off. LOL.
YOu know how it goes, move it a little bit and drop signal strength, I held strong right there.
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PBS HD is now available in Sioux Falls OTA. It is on channel 80-1.
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Great news on the Sioux Falls HD PBS. But are you sure on the channel number (80-1)? My OTA HD tuner (Samsung SIR-T165) will not accept any channel above 69.
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I have the Samsung T160, and that's the channel number it assigned to the PBS HD station. I'm not sure what the actual channel is. If you do a scan of OTA digital channels, it should find it if you are close enough to the antenna.
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