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Originally Posted by rhubarbpie View Post

Does anyone have a suggestion of how I should address the KWSD problem? If I understand tenspeed correctly neither he, I, or my friend can scan KWSD as of 05/11/13. My only thought is to contact the FCC using: https://esupport.fcc.gov/ccmsforms/form2000.action?form_type=2000E My complaint isn't so much not being able to scan in their station, it's their defective signal locking my scan.

I'd prefer to handle this outside the FCC and would cut them some slack if they'd simply give me a time frame. Unfortunately, they don't exactly encourage communication and aren't answering email questions. I have no confidence in their fixing the problem and feel this is no way to run an Air Force.

So, if anyone has a better idea I'm receptive. In the absence of another avenue I'll contact the FCC Monday.

Go to:


for the owners address/phone #, see what he has to say.smile.gif
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Thank you. The Sioux Falls address listed in the local phone book is shuttered and I've been unsuccessful contacting the 336-3100 number.

However, I was unaware of the email address so I sent a message today. I'm not optimistic about receiving a reply but I'll give him a few days.
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The e-mail address listed by the FCC also came back as invalid.
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I thought I'd update the KWSD situation. Months ago I filed a complaint with the FCC. My complaint wasn't that I couldn't receive 36.1 or 36.2, but rather that their signal locks my scan.

This popped up in my calendar and the situation hasn't changed so I phoned the FCC to inquire as to the status of my complaint. I was told the complaint had been closed. That surprised me as nothing had been done to my knowledge and my scan still locks on the 36 channels.

Bottom line, after repeatedly trying to explain I get very good digital reception and my complaint isn't that I can't receive 36.1 or 36.2 I was transferred. Again, I was repeatedly told the FCC can't guarantee reception and KWSD may have tweaked their antenna.

After perhaps 15 minutes I think I got through that it's not a situation of not receiving their signal. The problem is their signal locks my scan. In my opinion (I could be wrong), that would indicate their signal isn't up to specs. Bottom line, I was told someone would be sent out to check their status. It was explained that wouldn't be a fast process. I can live with that, it's significantly better than just closing the complaint.

This isn't a big problem as I receive MeTV from Sioux City, but it just seems wrong. It seems a license to broadcast should entail broadcasting a proper signal.
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Did anyone else notice a significant drop in quality on KSFY-HD in the last couple of days? Normally I would see bitrates between 7000-8000 kb/s but now I am only seeing between 3000-4000 kb/s.
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I don't know about bizrate, but I've not noticed quality or reception problems. I do occasionally experience minor and temporary reception problems through the year but it's coming well now.
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