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Has anyone around Sioux City been able to get Sioux Falls PBS? Also, I noticed TitanTV.com shows Sioux City's PBS - KSIN - to be 'Under Review'. Any word on their startup?
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I've been waiting for over a year since CableOne introduced HD service in Sioux City for them to provide local HD broadcasts and have run out of patience. I'm looking for suggestions on a HD antennae that can be located in my attic. I live in south Morningside southeast of Southern Hills Mall on Old Lakeport Road. If it's possible I would like to pick up the Sioux Falls stations as well as Sioux City. Anyone have a suggestion?
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Welcome to this forum... I have a channel master 4228 antenna with a Channel master 7777 pre amp with a channel master rotor outside about 20 feet up. I can get Sioux Falls CBS (KELO) at a !00% not many trees in the way. I live in Dakota City

If your going to put it in the attic I don't think you'll be able to get Sioux Falls but never hurts to try. First get a antenna that will fit in you attic the digital channels are on UHF. Lot of people here on this site like to use Radio Shack because you can return the antenna within 30 days if it does not work. I'd try this one Cat # 15-2160 (radio shack #) and a High gain pre amp and give it a try. Outside is best if possible

GOOD LUCK and if you have any more questions just ask

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I agree with everything Craig said. If you have enough clearance in the attic I would go with the 4228. It is very directional and to get both the Sioux Falls channels and the Sioux City channels you probably will need a rotor. Remember that the only HD channel in Sioux City is NBC (41-1) Neither ABC nor CBS is HD in Sioux City and they don't seem very anxious about transmitting a HD signal. Also I have found that the 4228 brings in the analog UHF channels in without the ghosting I was getting with my old antenna. If you are on the top of a hill or have a clear shot north you have a chance. If you are behind a hill not much hope of getting Sioux Falls I am afraid.
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I know the area you're in and you shouldn't have any problem getting the SF stations including KSFY (KELO will be fine). I would definitely try the Channel Master 4228 and 7777 amp as Craig suggested - it's a great setup. With your terrain and elevation I 'd try the attic install if that works for you. If not, then install the 4228 on the roof. Just try to locate the antenna where there aren't too many trees to the north.

quote --- "If you are on the top of a hill or have a clear shot north you have a chance. If you are behind a hill not much hope of getting Sioux Falls I am afraid."

I am in a valley about 100' elevation below a ridge that is only 2 blocks to the north (I'm in Morningside). When I first started playing around with an antenna, I was getting partial signal from KELO with a 4221 (small version of the 4228) in my attic. I put a 4228 on the roof and with a 7777 amp I now get KELO at 95% and KSFY at about 60% (thanks again for the setup Craig).

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I can't take all the credit for the setup. Bill had the setup first and he had great results so I tried it to.

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Thanks for the input. I think I will give your suggestions a try. Can the 4228 go in an attic? I'm looking at a Samsung SIR-T351 receiver, any comments on it? I found one for $289 on buy.com and from what I can tell it should work nicely with my Sony 60" Grand Wega.
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The Channelmaster 4228 is a different looking antenna than your usual TV antenna. Think of it as an oven rack that your stand up and face it toward the stations you want. Go to channelmaster.com and go to products and then to UHF antennas to get more information. The dimensions listed there are 39.5" W 36" H and 5" D. Best of luck.
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Sounds like you've talked to Michael at Pflanz about your antenna. Better check your 60" Grand Wega - he says it probably has a built in tuner and you won't need the Sammy.

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The newer XBR models of the Grand Wega have a HD tuner, but mine is a 2003 model that doesn't. I did talk with Michael this afternoon, he mentioned he knew you. He knew right away where I got the info on antennae when I mentioned the 4228.
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I e-mailed IPTV about their digital startup for KSIN and got this reply:

"We have a tower crew arriving on site to do more work. I am sure it
will be at least a month before we are able to be on air with any
signal, barring unforeseen things.

John Stone
IPTV Engineering"
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I just put up a webpage for TV in South Dakota, currently I have information for Sioux Falls, in the coming weeks ill be putting all the other South Dakota cities. I am planning on getting the webpage big enough so i can up info for all of the midwest, and in the future all of the US.

Here is the link to my webpage: http://www.geocities.com/tvmansf/
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I just added Rapid City and Sioux City to the page, and renamed the site to Great Plains Broadcasting. I will also have a News page, I will also be redoing the webpage to make it look a lot better.


Remember the HDTV schedule is updated every Wednesday.
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Same deal as last year per the email I received:

Here are the games for Friday, March 19th. Please note that on HDTV we will
be airing different games for three of the four.

Analog games with tip off times:
11:25am CT/10:25am MT - Illinois vs Murray State
1:50pm CT/12:50pm MT - Georgia Tech vs Northern Iowa
6:20pm CT/5:20pm MT - Wisconsin vs Richmond
8:45pm CT/7:45pm MT - Kansas vs Illinois-Chicago

HDTV games with tip off times:
11:30am CT - Memphis vs South Carolina
1:50pm CT - Oklahoma State vs Eastern Washington
6:25pm CT - Providence vs Pacific
8:45pm CT - Kansas vs Illinois-Chicago
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I emailed KCAU and KMEG asking them if they plan on doing HDTV and if so do they think it will be this year.

From KMEG engineering

===================================================== Thank you for your interest in HDTV.
KMEG is working on partnerships to assist in covering the expenses involved
with broadcasting HDTV. Nothing has developed so far and a date for
broadcasting in HDTV has not been set.


I sent a email KCAU Vice President & General Manager but got response from Operations Manager.

Craig -

Thank you for your questions and concerns about our plans for HDTV in the Siouxland area. As you probably already know, KCAU is broadcasting the standard digital
signal in Sioux City. Our plans to convert to HDTV will be based the growth of high definition receivers in the market. Our immediate plans don't include an upgrade to
HDTV this year.

Brent Nelson
Director of Broadcast Operations
Channel 9 KCAU-TV
(712) 277-2345 ext. 201


and I sent the Chief Engineer of KCAU and here is email


This fall we will be installing receiving equipment for an HDTV signal but
at this time I do not have the timetable as to when we will be transmitting
it. I will save your e-mail address and will let you know when I hear.
Bob Van Vleet


The email from KCAU General Manager sounds about the same from about a year ago.

so lets keep our fingers crossed and a slight maybe we can have Monday Night Football in HDTV from KCAU (all we can is only hope)

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I was roaming the Iowa threads and saw the message about the KCAU situation, which sounds amazingly like the WOI (ABC) situation in Des Moines and the WHBF (CBS) situation in the Quad Cities. ("You'll say I see" is the slogan for all of them.)

In fairness to them, they got handed a couple of bum "out-of-core" DT channels in Des Moines and Rock Island -- who wants to buy equipment for a channel 59 they have to turn back over to the government? Their point about waiting until there are more HD sets also seems valid, and their message to a Quad Cities-area poster is that they're a small, privately-held four-station chain.

But you can argue against these points, too. Cedar Rapids, where I live, has HD available on all of the "big three" networks. One is on a temporary channel 55. Another is on temporary channel 52 AND is owned by a one-station company. Even the Sinclair-owned CBS station started HD this year.

They're taking it on faith that (H)DTV is the future and that the technical issues can be worked out, just as they were worked out for analog TV over the past half-century.

That's the debate you're facing. For better or worse, KTIV has taken one side, KCAU the other.
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Now that FOX has decided to step up and do HD programming and supply their affiliates with some HD equipment I wonder if KPTH will 1) step up the power of their digital signal and 2) follow thru and pass along FOX's HD signal? I've e-mailed KPTH a few times lately and haven't received any response. I'll post anything I get. Right now I can receive decent signal from Sioux Falls but I barely get anything at all from KPTH (or KMEG for that matter). Anyone have the latest info on KSIN going digital?

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Does anyone know if I ask can I receive a waiver to get network HD programming off of the Direct TV satellite if the local affiliates are not and do not intend to broadcast in HD. CBS has an HD feed on Direct TV. Since there seems to be no movement from the local affiliate here in Sioux City to broadcast the CBS programming in HD it seems only fair that I should be able to get this HD programming off of the satellite.
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As far as I know, there isn't an HD-only provision in SHVIA yet, so as long as you can get analog channel 14 you're out of luck unless Congress rewrites the law or CBS uses some bargaining power the next time the affiliation contract comes up. Both have been mentioned in other threads as possible compromises for HD viewers who are impatient with broadcasters like Waitt and Citadel, but neither seems likely at this time.
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Pretty sure you won't have any luck getting a waiver. I sent in requests a few years ago when Dish started sending out CBS-HD. Here's the reply I received from KMEG:


We do not issue waivers to viewers able to get our signal via a conventional rooftop-mounted antenna. I understand your arguments regarding both a High Definition signal available through Echostar and the issuance of waivers to "a small demographic."

The fact of the matter is that we have made, and are making a considerable investment in our new broadcast facilities, including our future upgrades in DTV. Our audience's viewership is our only source of revenue so we cannot afford to "give away" part of our audience-no matter how small-and continue to make the necessary investments to achieve the goal you are ultimately asking us to achieve.

The fact is that we receive between 100 and 200 waiver requests each week, and if we were to grant a significant portion of those requests (about 80% of which are from ineligible viewers) we'd soon be
broadcasting our signal to ground squirrels and butterflies...."

I thought you were getting KELO & KSFY anyway?

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I am getting High Def from Sioux Falls but I thought that there was a chance that if the local stations were forced to give waivers to receive HD broadcasts they might have more incentive to upgrade to HD broadcasts. I think the local channels will never upgrade to High Def unless forced. It looks to me as though the local broadcasters are closely tied to the politicians with campaign contributions and there is no way the viewers (the owners of the public airways) can exert pressure on the local broadcasters. I thought this might be a way to exert pressure.
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Obviously I'm somewhat biased, and I can't speak for the other stations, but I would take exception with Bill's comments last post.....

"It looks to me as though the local broadcasters are closely tied to the politicians with campaign contributions and there is no way the viewers (the owners of the public airways) can exert pressure on the local broadcasters."

I can tell you for a FACT that KTIV (which as most of you know IS broadcasting HD) hasn't made any decisions about DTV or HDTV based on any influence from any politician, campaign contribution or not.
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Is anyone having problems with KSFY-DT? A couple weeks ago the signal went way down, only fluctuating between 30-36-43%. Now I can barely get anything at all....20% max and I can't lock on to a solid signal. It used to come in at 70% like KELO-DT, which is still strong. I tried adjusting my antenna but with no luck.

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Are there still plans in the works to increase the power for the KTIV-DT signal or for moving the transmitter higher? If so, will it be in time for the Olympics? There are people in the rural areas who want their NBC in HD.
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Yes, there are still plans for BOTH an increase in power and a move of our antenna higher on our tower...however, there is not a specific timetable in place. We are hoping we might be able to have it up in time for the Olympics, although I can give you some additional information about that.

NBC's HD feed of the Olympics will be a completely separate feed from the regular analog KTIV Olympics coverage. Different schedule, different announcers, etc. In fact, except for the opening ceremonies, the coverage will mostly be on a one-day delay.

The other complicating factor is that the law requires that stations carry 75% of the exact same programming on our analog as on our digital station. If we carried this separate feed of Olympics, we would not make that 75% requirement. So, attorneys at NBC are looking into the situation to see what could be done.

So, the bottom line is this: We don't really know for sure how the Olympics in HD will shake out.

Stay tuned!
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That law shouldn't be enforced on special events (especially the Olympics)that are in HD.

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I see today that KUSD-DT (PBS from Vermillion) is on the air today channel 34 digital remapped to 2-1 and 2-2. On channel 2-1 they are running the PBSHD loop. I haven't notice if they are passing DD 5.1 Yet.

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Thanks again to you & KTIV for having the foresight and making the investment in HD. It is frustrating, though for us early adopters, that other broadcasters in Siouxland haven't followed your lead.


How strong is the signal from KUSD?

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KUSD pegs the meter. I emailed the engineer there to see if they can pass DD5.1 . It would be nice to hear soundstage next week in 5.1

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i just added more stuff to the site. Check it out. Feel Free to post comments.

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