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Hello all.
No KPTH-DT for me. I finally got an e-mail reply from the engineer there. They have been testing in the Morningside area (I'm there) and some areas can't receive the signal because of the terrain. Well, that's ok. FOX / KPTH are not committed to HD anyway. The only thing I watch on FOX is NASCAR & they've only got half the season. Looking forward to the 2nd half with KTIV / NBC doing the broadcasts.

Did you get KTIV back?

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I don't have KTIV-DT yet but I am sure it is my TV. I am going to re setup the antenna on the TV and I hope that should do it. This all proves to me that HDTV is not ready for prime time. A person must be very dedicated to receive the digital signal. I am afraid that it will be a long time before HDTV penetrates the public at large. It will take the cable companies carrying the HD signal before many will adopt the technology.
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As I know that all of Siouxland is wondering if I have KTIV-DT. It was a problem with my set. I did a new search of the channels and now I have everything.
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Bob, glad to hear you're finally getting KTIV-DT!

You are absolutely right that we really need to get the cable companies to carry the HD signal. We're negotiating right now with CableOne for a new Retransmission Consent Agreement that allows them to carry our regular analog signal, and we're hopeful that HD will be part of that agreement.

On an unrelated issue, I'm surprised there aren't more DTV folks using this forum to talk about various subjects. I'll try sending another email to the list I have, but that's only about 20 people.

If anyone reading this wants to be part of our KTIV-DT email list, drop me a message at the TV station.
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I just checked www.KELOTV.com from Sioux Falls (cbs) is online today
its on 32 and i can get a low signal without a preamp
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I email kELO to let them know that i was receiving there signal. I received a email back from them here it is

Thank you very much for your report. I really appreciate it....

Presently we are running at 25% power (6 db down from full power). We will
be on the air until 8 AM Friday. At that time we will be shutting the
transmitter down and will be running more tests of the transmission line and
antenna system. We expect to be back on by Friday afternoon.

We will be shutting the transmitter down the next few days on and off during
the day and after Midnight - but we will do our best to be on the air for

We expect to be on the air full power by Monday - possibly before depending
on the results of the tests on Friday.

Again, thank you for the report.


John Hertz
KELO TV Engineering

now wait to see if i need a preamp..
thank you KTIV and KELO for givin us HDTV
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Well my ChannelMaster UHF antenna did the trick. I am getting KELO-DT out of Sioux Falls with a great signal. I now can get all networks digitally. Now we need to pressure ABC and Fox to transmit in HD and all will be well. I am glad I have a rotor or I would not be able to get all the channels. Now the public broadcasting stations from Nebraska and South Dakota are my next quest. I can't wait for them to begin broadcasting.
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Congrats to you guys that can get KELO. I'm going to try tonight, but I'm not too hopeful. Assume they are sending out HDTV per your comments. With the NCAA basketball tournament & The Masters upcoming, I'd love to be able to get CBS HD.

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KSFY is testing in Sioux Falls...
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Thanks for the heads-up on KSFY. I am able to receive the KELO signal in NW Iowa since it started, and figured KSFY wouldn't be far behind. Any idea as to the signal strength of KSFY vs. KELO and if KSFY will be HDTV or only digital? Their info is a little vague.
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I emailed the engineer a few months ago, he replied saying they will be doing 720p (it seems that they are). Not sure about signal strengh, but I'd bet it be on par with KELO.
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I received an email reply from one of the engineering gurus at KSFY and he indeed stated they are transmitting in 720p. He said they are outputing at 18.8KW which was not as high as KELO. I guess I will find out soon enough if it is time to "retire" the old antenna on the roof and upgrade.
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Does any one know if KSFY is doing DD 5.1? I was just wondering
thank you
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I am curious about DD 5.1 as well. Neither KELO-DT or KSFY-DT show up as DD 5.1 on my A/V receiver (HDNet from the dish does). Also, does anyone know what signal KDLT-DT will eventually output; SD or HD? It appears I am out of the range of KTIV-DT, at least until they up the power output or I try a different antenna, so I am out of luck for getting NBC.
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I'm guessing KELO and KSFY won't pass 5.1 (they don't now).

From what I've heard KDLT will be ED only. But may transmit HDTV at a later time.
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Husker, where do you live? We figure our current low-power KTIV-DT signal goes out about 35 miles.

Also, FYI, KTIV does not have DD5.1 because NBC is not currently broadcasting anything with DD5.1, so there's nothing for us to pass along. In talking with one of the DT engineers at NBC in New York, they're not sure when they might start 5.1.

As always, I'm interested in hearing from folks out there who are receiving the KTIV-DT signal. And let me know when you have problems, too.
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Dave, thank you for asking. I live south of Rock Valley, so by my estimation I would be roughly 40-45 miles from the towers. Have you had any feedback as to how far north your DT signal has been picked up? I plan to try a different antenna to see if I can get it. I will keep you posted.

To those who can receive KSFY-DT; has anyone noticed the audio being out of sync on the HDTV primetime shows? It was very noticeable last night. Just wondering if the problem is on my end or if anyone else has noticed this.
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We haven't heard from very many people at all about our coverage, and we haven't had a chance to actually get out and do signal checks yet. You are indeed probably outside of our low-power coverage area. If you'd like to be part of our "DTV Enthusiasts" email list, please contact me by email at the station.

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Hi All,

I just got myself a new HDTV (upgradable) and even though I've been a diehard satellite customer for years, I'm looking forward to the arrival of my mail-ordered ATSC set-top box so that I can see the locals in HD. Thanks to the great info from the other messages in this forum, I think I have a handle on who is broadcasting, on what channel and in which formats.

My main questions for now are the following:

1. Are there any other forum members in the Grandview Park area (northside)?

2. If so, are there any recommendations for which antenna to put up? I currently ONLY do Dish satellite so I have nothing in the way of an aerial installed.

Thanks in advance for the help and thanks to Dave Madsen at KTIV for leading the HD revolution in Siouxland!

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well I updated my antenna to the 4228 with the 7777 preamp and a rotator. I can get the Sioux Falls almost perfect.
I emailed both stations about DD5.1 and i received a response from KELO and will be adding this feature later this year but KSFY said they pass it on in HD programs that have it but i told them I only get Pro logic II.
Is there anyone that is getting it in DD5.1

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I have the 4228 but can't put any kind of amp up at the antenna itself, so I'm using a Radio Shack 14db one at my ATSC receiver. With it, I can pick up local ABC and NBC but that's it. Any suggestions for how to get better reception?
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Update on KZNE-DT (PBS from Norfork) According to Titan TV KXNE was scheduled to go live on April 1 but I contacted Nebraska Public television and this is the news I received.

KXNE will not be operating initially
at full power. When this is the case a Special Temporary Authorization
(STA) needs to be requested from the FCC. The target for broadcast is May
1st, and initially will be low power receivable primarily in Norfolk.

Not good news for us here in the metro Sioux City area. It may be some time before they are broadcasting with a strong enough signal to be received in the Sioux City area.
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Hello from Morningside. Does anyone get program guide info for KCAU-DT? I have a Zenith HD-SAT520 receiver and it gets guide info for KTIV-DT and all the analog channels, but nothing for KCAU.

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Welcome to HDTV. I have bad news for you. KCAU does not broadcast any HD. Their digital station is up but it broadcasts only standard definition programs. I put up a UHF antenna on my roof and I get HD programming from Sioux Falls for CBS and ABC. I get the HD for NBC from KTIV. I have the ChannelMaster 4228 antenna with an amplifier and I get SIoux Falls very well. I don't know if that is an option for you but if you want to get more HDTV over the air that is about the only way. If you haven't been to titantv.com give that a try for listings of HD programs on the various stations. Hope this helps.
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Since you receive the KSFY-DT signal, and you are a ways away from Sioux Falls, maybe you can help me out. Have you noticed any problems with the audio being out of sync with the ABC HDTV shows? I have noticed it on my setup from it's inception. My receiver says my signal strength as at 70% for both KELO and KSFY, which seems odd because I think KELO produces a stronger signal. KELO audio & video is fine and KSFY video is fine but has that very annoying audio problem.

I am just curious if anyone else has noticed this. I was hoping it was just an initial "bug" with the station, but after being on the air for several weeks now, it appears as though it is my problem.

Also, how does your preamp work? Is a preamp used for DT signals only or does it improve overall reception of all stations? I am thinking about trying one to see if I can pickup KTIV-DT, but I have no idea how strong the Sioux City signals are vs. the Sioux Falls signals.
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Check out this thread that talks about audio out of sync with the video.
I do experience it sometimes (mostly on HBO HD off of the satellite). I don't know any more about it than is discussed in this thread. It sounds like it is a transmission problem
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On your second question. My amplifier works on all channels. It is a 13 dB amp and it has cleared up my ghosting problem with channel 14.
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I have a Hughes e86 and I don't get the program guide for KCAU-DT.

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Thanks Craig. Good to know I'm not the only one I guess. I've e-mailed KCAU about the problem, but no reply yet. I've read here that it has to do with PSIP and / or the info sent from DirecTv (OTA & DirecTv are all integrated into one guide in the receiver).

Bill - Yes, I'm aware KCAU-DT isn't HD. I'm really not in a good position to get the Sioux Falls feeds. I'm down low in Morningside and have a pretty tall ridge to the north. I can't even get KPTH-DT. I was sort of surprised to get KCAU-DT so easily. I'm jealous of you guys in the Dunes & DC - you have a pretty straight shot at Sioux Falls. Does anyone know where their towers are located?

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I'm curious...what's the farthest east anyone is receiving any of the following...KTIV, KCAU, KELO. I'm in Spencer (way east) and trying to figure out if it's worth the effort to put up an antenna.
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