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I think that as the crow flies you are not any farther from the Sioux Falls stations than I am. If you have a clear shot to the west (maybe a little north of west) then if you have a good UHF antenna ( I love my ChannelMaster 4228) and an amplifier then you should be able to get the Sioux Falls stations. You will probably have to mount the antenna on your roof. I don't think you could get the KTIV but maybe you could. No chance for KCAU because they are not broadcasting at any power and they are not on the big towers (no loss any way because they do not do HD) You can get ABC in HD from Sioux Falls. Best of luck.
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Even if you do not like golf do yourself a favor and watch some of the Masters golf tournament on KELO-DT this weekend. The Agusta course is just beautiful and even if you do not like golf you owe it to yourself to see how beautiful HDTV can be.
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Hi cdieran

KELO is on D32-1
KSFY is on D29-1
KCLT is on D46-1
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oops typo KDLT not KCLT
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I emailed KCAU to see if they new if they would be in HDTV for Monday Night Football and here is the email back



I don't have the corporate timeline yet, But at the present time, it doesn't
look good.

Bob Van Vleet

Sorry guys.....
At this rate KPTH might be supporting true HDTV before KCAU.
I'm sure glad i spent the money to be able to get Sioux Falls (bring it on KSFY and KELO)
Thank you KELO for the Masters It was awesome
Thank you Dave and everyone at KTIV for being the ONLY Sioux City HDTV station

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Does anyone know how much power KSFY is putting out for their DTV signal? I know KELO is at full power, and KCAU and KTIV are at low power. What about KSFY?
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The guy at KSFY told me they were sending out their DT signal at 18.8KW which was not quite as high as KELO. However, the KELO and KSFY signals show up on my system as having the exact same signal strength, go figure.


I concur with your thoughts on the Masters. It was pure greatness. Looking forward to the NBA and NHL playoffs on ABC.
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I got to watch The Masters on DirecTv last Friday (they were hosting the USA/CBS joint broadcast on channel 198). Wow was it amazing. After watching that, I e-mailed KMEG (CBS affiliate) again to see if they had finalized their DTV plans. I asked if they plan on a DTV or HDTV system at startup. Per the Richard Herr in engineering, "We are in the discovery stage and are making a determination". Time to send off a few e-mails to let them know we're out here and we want HDTV! They are scheduled to have a system in place for a startup in the fall. Keep in mind CBS has the Super Bowl next year.

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According to TitanTV KDLT from Sioux Falls is up and running on channel 47-1 or 46-1. I have not checked this out yet but it shows that they are not broadcasting in HD yet. I will try and pull it in tomorrow night and give everyone an update.
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I checked FCC website and it looks like KDLT is on a DS Special Temporary Authority (STA) .So I think there on low power? I can't get it. Here is the web site for FCC

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It looks like just SDTV. I emailed KDLT and was told, "We currently have no plans for high definition television(HDTV) broadcast". Damn, my quest for NBC in HDTV continues.
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Can you get the Sioux City channels. If you can NBC HD programming is on 41-1. This is the digital feed from KTIV in Sioux City
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This afternoon I tried KXNE and I got a signal lock off and on not good enough to get a picture don't know if they are testing or the wind is messing it up or both

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No luck getting KXNE from here. They are at reduced power I hope. I have no information on South Dakota but they are scheduled for the end of the month. I continue to be impressed with the ChannelMaster 4228 antenna.
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Not sure what happened, but over the past few weeks my audio sync problem with KSFY-DT disappeared. Looks and sounds great now (knock on wood).
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KSFY off the air tonight?

I had a strong signal on my SIR-T151 last night for KSFY, but no picture or sound. I had a signal strength around 70% and all that was showing on the screen were the words digital stereo, which always shows up when there is a signal coming in. Was off all night and wasn't able to see the hockey game. KELO and KDLT was coming in fine, so there must be a problem at KSFY. I emailed the station manager. Now I know why they get such low ratings.
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I had problems with KSFY last night. I got the audio but no video. I email the news department last night and I got a Email back and they said they called the engineer about the problem.

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Hello everyone,
just dropping in to say hi to all you siouxland HDers. And to see how your all doing?
Take Care,
P.S hope you all have a nice 4th of July (I will when watching more HD thank you directv)
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Has anyone else noticed that KSFY-HD has been off the air for the last 2 days?
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I tried to get it early afternoon Tuesday and it was not up then. Also KCAU in Sioux City did not have sound last Saturday. I do not know if the no sound problem was temporary or not. I turned over to Sioux Falls. I nominate KCAU for the worst implementation of digital in the area. It seems to be an underfunded incompetent engineer's playground. They do not seem to be serious about digital TV.
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I think the KSFY tower took a lightning hit from the storms 2 nights ago. It was working fine before the storms, now it's out.
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Good to see others having problems with KSFY-DT (well, not really). I clicked over to KSFY-DT on Tuesday night and it completely disappeared from my STB. I thought for sure it was my STB. I tried re-scanning it in through over-the-air, nothing. Then tried the ZIP code thing, got it back but no picture or sound and fluctuating signal strength 30-45 instead of the usual 70. Has anyone else lost this channel completely or is anyone getting anything at all? I thought maybe there was a bad data stream or something that affected my STB.

The kicker is, I emailed the engineer over there and he said they had not had any problems. Looks like another email is on the way.
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I emailed the engineer too. maybe if they get enough emails, they will check into it, I did the same thing you did with your stb. I show a reading of 75, but no pic or sound. I live in Sioux falls, and prior to this it was close to a signal strength of 100. This has happened before, but not for this long of time.
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Now a week since KSFY-DT went off the air. Signal there, but no sound or pic. They need to get their act together.
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I have been able to get KSFY-DT. Sound and pic are fine but i have notice that the signal at night are not as high as it use to be don't know because of weather or a tech. problem
I live in Dakota City NE, about 76 miles from tower
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That is really odd. I have a Samsung SIR-TS160. It does show a signal strength of 75 to 80 for KSFY. My stb picks up KELO-DT and KDLT-DT along with the other channels just fine. I have tried to rescan, but it doesn't recognize KSFY anymore. Almost makes me wonder if KSFY is a little out of tune, as I know the SIR-TS160 can be a bit sensitive. I only live 10 miles from the tower. I doubt if it is my stb, because it wouldn't be just messed up on one station, with all the others, both ST and DT working.
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Just checking, those who have the problem, is your reciever the Samsung SIR-TS160?
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I have the hughes E86....I was wondering if the TS160 will do native format. If it does do you have it set to 720p that hooked up to 1080i only tv. Maybe you setup got changed... just a thought
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I have my TS160 set at 720p going into DVI port on a Samsung HLN507W, which is 720p monitor. I went to another section here, and the problem may involve possible changes in PSIP at KSFY. If KSFY did make changes to PSIP, there are some recievers can not handle it. I did email the station engineer and perhaps they can check that out. So this may be a problem for those with the Samsung stb. Does anyone else have the TS-160? If you do, are you getting pic and sound?
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Found out that others with the Sammy are having the same problem. This narrows it down to the station most likely changing the PSIP. This affects some brands of recievers. Hopefully they will correct their problem or there will be a lot of unhappy people when they buy their Sammy ota boxes. I wrote the engineer again and kindly asked him if he could check into it. Now all I can do is wait and see.
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