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good luck!
hope they can get it fixed for you
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May end up never being resolved. Some people on this forum believe it is the Sammy, as it can not handle changes to PSIP very well. Samsung will always blame the station, while I doubt the station will readjust for just one brand of reciever. May end up having to purchase a different one in the future, as I'm sure the rest of the stations will makes changes to PSIP in the future and the Sammy won't be able to handle.
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Sorry for not reporting in sooner, but I was away for the weekend.

Another Samsung TS-160 owner here. Always wondered what everyone was complaining so much about this STB for, now I guess I know. It had worked almost flawlessly for 5+ months. I also will continue to email KSFY to see if they can rectify the situation. Since this box is sold at Best Buy and Ultimate Electronics, I gotta believe there are alot of them in the area.

First I find out I cannot subscribe to the new DirecTV HD package, now the problems with KSFY-DT. It has not been a good month for HDTV for me.
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I guess all we can do is write, write, write. Let's just hope the problem is at the station, and can be fixed. Better yet, let's hope the station manager has a Samsung! I have a friend in Brandon that can't get the HD package from DirecTV because of some agreement with a local company. That is weird.
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KSFY is back on my Sammy. I don't know if it's because I unplugged the reciever, and left it unplugged overnight and it reset itself, or the station read our emails. Either way, I'm happy.
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It was a problem with the PSIP after all. The station engineer emailed me and fixed the problem in a short time. Apparently the new models don't have problems with PSIP changes, just the older ones like mine. Hats off to the engineer for fixing the problem and keeping me happy.
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good to hear that.
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Got KSFY-DT back on my STB as well. Something is still not right though. My signal strength still fluctuates from 36 then to 45 back to 36 all the time. It used to lock in at about 70. The guy from KSFY did respond to one of my emails by saying they are running the same power output on the transmitter but would be off the air from July 28-30 to do some work on the transmitter. How strong is everyone else's signal, same as always?

Also, what exactly is "PSIP" and will we have to worry about this problem in the future the stations making changes?
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From www.psip.org

Program and System Information Protocol (PSIP) is data that is transmitted along with a station's DTV signal that tells DTV receivers important information about the station and what is being broadcast. The most important function of PSIP is to provide a method for DTV receivers to identify a DTV station and to determine how a receiver can tune to it. PSIP identifies both the DTV channel and the associated NTSC (analog) channel. It helps maintain the current channel branding because DTV receivers will electronically associate the two channels making it easy for viewers to tune to the DTV station even if they do not know the channel number.

In addition to identifying the channel number, PSIP tells the receiver whether multiple program channels are being broadcast and, if so, how to find them. It identifies whether the programs are closed captioned, conveys V-chip information, if data is associated with the program, and much more. If broadcasters do not include properly encoded PSIP data in their DTV signals, receivers may not correctly identify and tune to the station. Therefore, it is vital that all broadcasters understand PSIP and include the data in their DTV stations signals. PSIP is a mandatory Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) Standard
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this weekend I was able to get stations from Des Moines, Cedar Rapids (abc Dragnet with 5.1 sounded awesome so I cant wait for KSFY to upgrade to 5.1) , Alexandria(MN), Omaha and Lincoln.
One other thing what has the weather been like there in Siou Falls Friday night and Saturday, I have not held a really good signal on KELO. The signal has been bad today I almost always have a 100% signal today it dropped to nothing some times. I watched hack on Des Moines, Omaha, And Lincoln. That was nice to have multiple stations to watch now if my local stations would get on the air and broadcast in HDTV KMEG(CBS) and KCAU (ABC)
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Wow. What type of equipment are you using to pull all those stations in, if I may ask?
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just a channel master 4228 and a 7777 preamp and a rotor. the tropospheric ducting was really high. I got signals on other channel but not high enough for a pic. here is the website for the tropo forecast
I couldn't believe it either so i had my brother come over to check it out and he said WOW
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i just checked the website and Sioux Falls was really high
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Has anyone heard when the Sioux Falls Fox station will be going digital? The web site antenna.org says July 30th, but that came and went. They are suppose to be broadcasting on digital channel 7.
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I got a email from KSIN here it what it said


Thank you for your inquiry. We appreciate viewer input.

The digital transmitter for KSIN has been installed and the tower work is being planned for this fall. Due to state budget limitations, though, I
cannot say when we will be on the air on a regular basis. We do plan to broadcast a considerable amount of high definition material since we
have been shooting in high definition for the past several years.

Thank you,

John Stone

IPTV Engineering


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Found out that the Sioux Falls Fox station will go digital in October now. However, just like KDLT, they have no plans to go HD. What a bunch of podunk stations. They can't see the future if it hit them in the face! No wonder they are always last in ratings. I'm going to write the networks and let them know I know longer will watch their stations since their locals won't go HD.
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I received an e-mail from Richard Herr - an engineer at KMEG (local CBS affiliate) - and he said they'll have DTV running the end of October, but no HDTV. What a load of crap. I waited a long time hoping KMEG would get on the ball and now we get this. What a disappointment. I've got to find a way to get the CBS national HD feed and bypass these bozos. ExpressVue or whatever. This is bull.

Kudos to KTIV for being the only HD broadcaster in Sioux City.

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Wow, that is surprising and disappointing, especially since CBS is considered to be the HD leader.
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Is anyone receiving KELO-DT? I had it Sunday, but yesterday there was no signal.
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KELO announced on the Monday 6pm news that their HDTV signal was down while they repaired a "glitch" with some of their new equipment. They did not indicate when they would be back online, but seemed to imply that it would not take too many days.
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I can get KXNE (PBS) from Norfolk with a strong signal and they are doing HD at prime time

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Sioux Falls Fox station now broadcasting digital. It can be found on my samsung ts160 as channel 17-1.
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To those around Sioux City that receive KELO-DT & KSFY-DT from Sioux Falls, do you get a decent signal consistently? Craig, it sounds like you get good signal most of the time, right? Since KMEG is not going to do HD, I'm considering an antenna mast to try to get the Sioux Falls stations.

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Greetings from Central Iowa.

Not sure if any of you guys can pick it up, last night IPTV-DT channel 50 was showing State Fair 2003 highlights. They are on hit and miss. I had to remap my Sony, they showed up as 11.1.
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Hi, everybody. It's been awhile since I posted anything. Busy time for us!

Just to let you know that KTIV-DT (41.1)will be broadcasting the Breeders' Cup Horse Racing Championship from NBC on Saturday, Oct. 25 12noon-5pm in HDTV. Pflanz Electronics is providing an HDTV for us to display during our "Fall Food Festival" at the Sioux City Convention Center that day, so it will be a good time for people to check out HD. I'll be there most of the day if you want to come by and say "HI."
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I can get KELO at around 100% signal strength day or night and for KSFY I don't get hardly any signal during the day as the sun goes down the better the signal I get right now at about 7:30pm I get around 70% and about 8:00 it's close to 100% Can't wait for the time change hoping for KSFY to come in earlier. I watched about 95% of the MNF. LOOKED AWESOME! This week KELO is at the power level that KSFY is at because of problems. but i still get KELO at 70% during the day

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Thanks for the heads-up on the Breeder's Cup. I watched the races last year and I'll be sure to tune in this weekend as well.


Thanks for the info on your signals from Sioux Falls. Sounds like I'd better do some testing to see if I can pull them in at my location in Morningside.

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I did a channel scan last night and I was able to get KPTH-DT. I haven't tried to get them for a few months, but I know when they first started broadcasting I didn't get any signal. Maybe they've stepped up the power?

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its 10:10am Saturday and KMEG-DT is on right now on channel 39-1 and it remapped to 14-1 signal is not solid so I don't now if they are testing or because of the wind
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Hello all. To anyone that has any doubts about their ability to receive KELO-DT Sioux Falls from Sioux City, just do it. I thought I'd have trouble due to my low elevation, but I'm getting 60-80% signal strength and a solid picture with a Zenith 520, Channel Master 4228 antenna and 7777 pre-amp. Thanks Craig for your input.

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