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Monterey, CA - HDTV

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Currently we are receiving KSBW8 (NBC) on digital 10. We also receive KNTV11 from San Jose, but this is also NBC. CBS and FOX will begin there digital broadcasts from the same tower in Salinas in mid February (estimated).
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Hello Seth,

I also live in Santa Cruz area (Bonny Doon) and I'm currently getting the following HD stations: KNTV 11.1 (NBC), KCBA-DT 35.1 (FOX), and KION-DT (CBS) 46.1. However, I'm unable to get any Program Information. Do you have the same problem? BTW, I'm using a new LG 3100A HDTV receiver. So, this could be the problem. Also, do you know when ABC and PBS plan to begin transmitting?

Thanks, Rick
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I live in Monterey County and receive the KCBA (FOX), KION (CBS), KSBW (NBC), and KNTV (NBC) also without channel info. I am using the Zenith HD-SAT520 which is the older cousin of the LG box.

I have queried KGO (ABC) on numerous occasions to find out if they are going to cover our area OTA for HD. No response.
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I stopped by the Comcast office last weekend. I was told that HD is scheduled for the start of the year (2005). They also said that a HD DVR will be available on launch.
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Official Monterey-Salinas, CA thread.
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I'm about to get an HDTV with an OTA tuner and would be interested in others reception experience in the Pacific Grove area.
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I'm in Aptos and installed an Off-Air antenna on my dish, but am getting horrible reception.

Any advice on a good antenna? I'm running it through the Dish 921 HD DVR.

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I'm using a Radio Shack 1880 indoor amplified antenna and get FOX, NBC and CBS. I have a Sony 955 TV with a built in HDTV receiver.
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I have a 955 as well, but wanted to be able to record off-air, so I ran the antenna line through my 921. I don't think an indoor would work where I am. I have an antenna on my roof right now and I'm not getting much.
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Have you gone to antennaweb.org and plugged your zip code in to see what channels you should be able to receive? It will also give some advice on antennas. I am in Salinas and have a humongous Winegard on my roof, with a Channel Master 7777 pre-amp on the mast. I get the local FOX, NBC, CBS, UNI, and can receive KNTV if I rotate my antenna. Which I don't, since I would never watch it.

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I'm in Santa Cruz by the harbor. After finding out the hard way that Terk's products are useless, I went to Radio Shack in Scotts Valley and picked up the 15-2185. It's a foot wide disc with foot long wings on either side. It picks up all our locals while mounted under the eaves. It doesn't seem to like moisture on it, which I found out the first foggy night I had it left in the open. Short of roof mounting a larger antenna this is the best setup I've tried. In talking with KCBA's tech, it became clear that Santa Cruz is just on the edge if not out of their OTA range. That seemed odd to me, but it might explain why OTA reception is a black art around here.

I think we're SOL on an any OTA from KGO. I'm waiting for DirecTV to get around to adding ABC-West in HD, as we automaticaly get a national ABC feed due to KGO not transmitting here.

KCAH-DT, the sister station of KTEH is building a transmitter at Fremont Peak according to the FCC website. That should mean we'll get an HD PBS feed in the next year.
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We face the Bay up the hill adjacent Branciforte. Clear shot to Monterey but a mountain of trees facing the transmitters for FOX and NBC.

I have a Winegard SquareShooter for ch 46/32-1 , and a Winegard YA-6713 high band VHF yagi to bring in 8/10-1 and 35/13-1 for those two networks. Of course the two antenna are not in the same direction and in particular, 35/13-1 is a feeble signal. I combine them with a Channel Master 7777 combiner/pre-amp.

On an HD-Tivo OTA tuner I am getting 95 for 46/32-1 , 90 for 8/10-1 and 75 for 35/31-1.

I can get the Ch 35/13-1 to drop as much as ten points with a one inch move of the antenna. Insane.

Ch 11/21-1 from Loma Prieta is almost 90 degrees off and although only 14 miles away would require yet another antenna (no thanks on a rotor) to tune, though it is a powerful signal. I have read this channel, formerly ABC to old timers - we watched our first season of MNF and the first Super Bowl transmitted in HD from this location- is in negotiation to move out of the area to better serve the Penninsula. So anyone wishing to retain NBC on our side of the hill should concentrate on receiving 8/10-1.

Don't hold your breath about getting ABC in HD off Direct anytime soon. They are pushing back hugely to prevent national HD feeds from appearing on satellites to protect the local affiliates. Don't you think Direct TV would be showcasing MNF if they could?

You want ABC in HD, you need to go with Express Vu. PM me if you seek details.


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I want to get all the Local Chanells In HD what do i need??
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You want ABC and FOX in HD

I have tried in PMs to explain that there is no ABC broadcast over the air in HD or even standard. There is FOX, but it is low powered and broadcasting on channel 13 to send out the HDTV signal. It is on Fremont peak, use a compass and find 103 degrees - that is the direction of FOX and NBC. CBS is at 127 degrees on channel 32. There is no ABC, analog or digital, in our area.

You asked if a tall antenna could possibly pick up channel 7 from SF? Not a chance. In addition, the HD feed of channel 7 is NOT broadcast on channel 7, but is actually sent out on UHF channel 24. UHF must have line of sight to work and 24 is UHF.

Go back to the antennaweb.org site, and after you enter your location info, click on "show digital stations" to eliminate all the BS channels and show you the HD channels you may be able to receive. It's a pretty short list.

Also remember this, the HDTV channels are not the same as the analog channels you have been using to receive analog TV for a given channel, like perhaps 7 from SF. That's the way they implemented HDTV, it's called "remapping" and it is what happened all over the country. Confusing as heck? Yes.

Then you'll start to see what I have been unable to make clear.

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anybody know what is going on with kcba. this is the second week in a row with no hd football
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I wonder if Comcast (AT&T, whatever they're known as this week) will import KGO-DT in HD to the Monterey/Salinas/Santa Cruz market.

As far as I know, they're still importing the analog Channel 7 - and rebranding it "ABC 7" as a cable feed, which basically means they put their own ID slides and insert local advertising. I believe Comcast/KGO also has to pre-empt some syndicated programming, because of market rights to such programming belonging to other stations in the Monterey Bay market.

This - and DirecTV's upcoming satellite launch to deliver HD locals, eventually - is the only way you'll ever see high definition ABC feeds in the "other" Bay Area.
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Nice! I'll have to check out 58 in the morning. As for ABC, DirecTV should be rolling out ABC-HD very soon. We're in a white area here in the Monterey Bay, and I already get ABC-W from them due to distant network status.

I'm in Live Oak too, Jason.
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Hey, just bought a philips 55" hdtv monitor from costco last week. Having fun with 480p dvd until I can purchase an HD Directivo, (or is that worth it?). I really only care about Fox and NBC HDTV, and I have a line of site to fremont peak from my roof. (need to hire someone-fear of heights)

I've been thinking about building a simple DVR (for OTA HDTV). I haven't done any leg work on finding who makes the best card, etc, as I only want to spend say $500. This would also allow me .

I currently have a Directivo hooked up to it, but I am itching to get some HD fox and NBC programming (thrid watch, er, arrested development, OC?, north shore?) And ideally ABC in the future. does dtv have a ABC HD signal yet?

Realistically i will probably just hold out and get a HD Directivo eventually.
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As of Jan 1st DirecTV is broadcastng ABC West HD, and it looks great. Because we are in both a digital and analog white area, we can get Distant Network Service. Call up DTV and have them turn it on for you if you get their HD package.

As for the HD Tivo, you might want to wait. They announced this week that they will be offering HD locals in the next year or so, but to do so are switching to MPEG 4 from MPEG2for all HD. Current equipment, ie the HD Tivo won't be able to decode it. You might want to get a standard HD box like the Hughes HTL-HD that can do OTA, Sat and Cable inputs. D* will no doubt give you a rebate when new equipment is needed.
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we are lucky to have locals, for god sakes were on a sat that you need a wide dish for. It will be a long time before we see our locals in HD, and crap what do i care about watching jodi jones in HD, tho it might be nice.
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Is your fox station (i believe KCBA) broadcasting in HD? If it is, please tell cpanther95 that if it is so that he can add your dma to the list of markets broadcasting in HD. Thank you.
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Yes, KCBA is broadcasting in 720p and dd5.1 and i added it to the list
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I live in Aptos next to Cabrillo College. I have a line of site view across the bay to Monterey. I've been waiting for Comcast to offer HDTV over cable.

I was also interested in VOOM, but its not clear whether they will be in business. Besides DirectTV, any other recommendations for HDTV?

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You are only out a dollar if you get voom and it goes under with the promo they are running right now. plus you would end up with a free antenna. I have had it for about a year and really like it. The only problem is no abc. Plus the sd picture quality is really good.
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I'd go over to Radio Shack and pick up an antenna. If it doesn't work, you can take it back. I'm in Live Oak and get Fox, 2 NBCs (KSBW & KNTV), and CBS. I get ABC-HD from DirecTV.
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I was surprised to discover that a few HD channels are now available on the Monterey, Seaside, Carmel and Carmel Valley System. I am currently receiving channel 702 (KCBA-DT) and 736 (Showtime-HD) using Comcasts supplied DCT5100 HD receiver on my Standard Cable subsciption.

Additional HD channels IND1, IND2 and ESPN-Hd are available on tjhe Digital Classic tier as well as HBO-HD, Cinemax-HD and Starz-HD on Premium Services whatever that is.

Comcast's office in Monterey personnel stated that they expected addition HD channel availability in March along with the dual tuner HD PVR.

HD receiver setup was easy. The receiver defaulted to 1080i and comes supplied with every imaginable cable including an optical auduio cable.

All in all a good value for $5 per month assuming we get some more network channels. It will be interesting to see how they handle KGO-DT.
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I'm happy to report that I can receive FOX35-HD from Comcast in West-side Santa Cruz. I have a cabe-card ready plasma (panasonic) and I can get the channel at RF 28-2 (no cablecard needed).
I have not been able to find any other HD channel.
Just so you know.
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Thanks marcelo. Does anyone know when Comcast plans to give us ABC in HD? It's the only channel I can't get OTA in Pacific Grove. Since VOOM is shutting down any day now I am really in a jam as to who to go to.
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I asked them over the phone and they did not know what HD was :/

I asked via e-mail and got a great response. Here is what they said:

Thank you for contacting Comcast.
Comcast is committed to deploying HDTV service. We are working to provide as many high definition channel broadcasters as possible. Here are some of the factors involved with expanding our high definition lineup:

-the negotiation and contract process required to obtain the rights to carry a specific high definition broadcast, such as ABC-HD

-the increased bandwidth resources which are required

-the relatively low number of subscribers (currently only a small minority of customers have high definition compatible television sets)

We will continue to explore additional HD programming opportunities as more content providers make plans to offer their programming in HD format.

We appreciate the fact that you took the time to let us know what is important to you. We hope to expand our high definition channel lineup as fast as we can. Unfortunately we are unable to provide specific details regarding the launch of new channels at this time, please keep an eye on your monthly billing statement as the announcement of any channel additions will appear on those statements.

Thank you for choosing Comcast.

Maybe you should drop a line to vidsupport_bay@cable.comcast.com to let them know that there is more people interested that what they think.

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