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Panasonic S-Video: Suffering from "creeping crud".  

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I've got the Panasonic 37" SD (5UY), mostly it looks great, but there's one problem I call the "creeping crud".

This only happens on the S-Video input, not on the Component or VGA. The problem is that the black level at the top of the screen (about 6" of it) is different from the black level for the rest of the screen. This was first apparant when using a claibration DVD to set the black level.

If I set it so the level is correct for the top of the screen, I get lots of inky blackness in dark scenes. If I set it so the black leve is correct for most of the screen I get the creeping crud in dark scenes. That is the top of the screen is then just above black, the way the display copes with dark greys seems to be by dithering, so it gets really noticible.

Like I say it first showed up with the during calibration. Its obvious on a 10IRE feild, a grey ramp across the screen will bend at the black end. It totally does not appear component. Once I saw it on setup it becomes obvious in dark scene, not just from the DVD, but from the VCR and the tuner. I swapped cables, so that doesn't seem to be the problem.

This is what got me to call out the repair guy. He couldn't fix it. They did swap the display for a new one, and it does the same thing, not quite as bad. So I'm guessing its not sample variation, maybe a bad batch.

Anyone else seen this problem?

The only thing I can think of is a bad S-Video input board. Any ideas? Should I just kick up a fuss until I get a good one, or contact panasonic. I really like the display apart from this (and there's too much green).
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After many adventures with Panasonic support, I now think that this is an inherent fault in the set. I've had the input board swapped. The crud has changed, it may be better, but its still there.

I'd be really interested if anyone sees this on their own set. Particularly if you have a Panasonic, does it or doesn't it?

To show this up, you need a dard scene. A test pattern to set the black level is perfect. As the black level (brightness) goes down you'll see the test pattern dissapear from the bottom up. If no test pattern is handy, the credits from a movie would work, increase the brightness, does the top of the screen get bright first?
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I actually saw something like this when I auditioned the Panny 42" HD model (only on one of them). On a 2:35:1 movie the black bar on top was lighter than the bottom bar. This was with the DVD player interlaced mode (just as yours is right now). When I switched the player to progressive scan, the problem evaporated.

For what it's worth I use S-Video on my Panny 42" ED plasma, and do not have the uneven illumination problem at all. However, I do experience some lines of small, geometric blue/green dots when I start to push my brightness (black level) up higher than usual.

Rich H.
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